Adventures in Central Park

Hello Everyone!

I am so in love with Central Park!

Two weeks ago, Eri and I relived my favorite Saturday morning routine in NYC. First, we traveled up to the Upper West Side (hello old stomping grounds!) from our Airbnb and headed straight for Alice’s Tea Cup (read more here). After filling up on tea and scones, we walked to the Central Park entrance on W. 72nd St. and walked to my very favorite spot: The Lake. It’s so gorgeous and surrounded by so much life including turtles, ducks, children, row boats, trees, and the best skyline (in my opinion). Then we continued to make our way towards the East Side visiting the Belvedere Castle as well as the Bethesda Fountain and Terrace. We watched street performers, heard some lovely live music, and even got a $5 henna to commemorate the trip. Upon exiting the park, we quickly found an H&M nearby to get our shopping fix for the day where I found a couple new summer go-to shirts that are seemingly nowhere to be found online or else I would link them for you guys. But I did almost buy this dress! (Should I get it?)

Anyways, we had the best time walking through this oasis smack dab in the middle of the busy city. It’s magic.


I know you guys might have already seen my outfit in a recent post, but I’ll post it here for you as well:

What are your favorite spots in Central Park?

What does your perfect Saturday in the City look like?

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