A Timeless Tweed Dress

A Timeless Tweed Dress
A Timeless Tweed Dress

T h a t   T i m e l e s s

F e e l i n g

What do Audrey Hepburn, red lipstick, The Beatles, & a tweed dress all have in common? They are all considered, timeless. These things are not affected by time or changes in fashion. They will always remain classic & universally adored. As each year passes, I find myself gravitating towards things in life that have that timeless feeling to them. I even ended up choosing a wedding dress with this same feeling in mind. So when I saw this gorgeous tweed dress from Chicwish, I knew my wardrobe would thank me for adding this piece time & time again.

A Timeless Tweed Dress
A Timeless Tweed Dress

O u t f i t   D e t a i l s

Timeless Tweed Dress, Chanel Crossbody, Leopard Heels, Lipstick

A Timeless Tweed Dress
A Timeless Tweed Dress
A Timeless Tweed Dress
A Timeless Tweed Dress
A Timeless Tweed Dress
A Timeless Tweed Dress

W h e r e   T o   W e a r

T h i s   D r e s s

Once I received this dress, I realized just how special it was. It feels quite expensive & the pearl buttons are utter perfection. This piece has a very comfortable fit making it cozy & easy to wear. A dress like this can be paired with so many different shoe options. Heels of almost any color are a no-brainer, but a gorgeous pair of ballet flats would look just a stunning. I’m also currently swooning over these bow kitten heels that I think would look so lovely with this dress. 

Now, I bet some of you may be thinking, “I love the dress, but when would I ever wear that?” Well let me tell you some of my favorite occasions to wear a piece like this. This dress was just meant for a dreamy Sunday brunch at a Parisian cafe. It would look oh-so chic on a fancy dinner date with your man on a chilly night seeing as though this dress is quite warm. I can also see myself wearing this dress for rooftop cocktails or the see a show, maybe even a ballet. 

Anyone else like to go to museums by themselves? I actually prefer it so that you can take as much time as you’d like for each piece. This dress would be absolutely perfect for a solo day at the museum or botanical garden. I see this dress as the most feminine of power suits. The ideal dress code for a reflective day full of art, beauty, & a few cappuccinos.

A Timeless Tweed Dress
A Timeless Tweed Dress

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