Accessorizing 101

Accessorizing 101

It’s Finally Here!

This is one of my most highly requested posts, & I’m so excited to finally share it with you. I absolutely love getting feedback from you guys because I want to create content that is interesting & useful to you. Most of you wanted to know how I choose what accessories to wear with each outfit. Let me tell you, this is my favorite part about putting together a look. Adding the right accessories to your daily outfits is key to completing the look & therefore always looking stylish.

Accessorizing 101
Accessorizing 101

Outfit Details

Yellow Maxi Dress // Blue Espadrilles // Bamboo Bag // Flower Statement Earrings // Polka Dot Scarf // Nautical Charm Bracelet

*The red marks on my shoulder are from having my shoulder taped in rehearsals a few weeks back. Don’t be alarmed!*

Accessorizing 101

It’s A Balancing Act

When trying to choose what color, size, or style of accessories to go with, remember it’s all a balancing act. As I’ve been thinking about the process I go through on the daily, & I’ve found that I have some “rules” or guidelines that I tend to stand by. Of course, there are exceptions to these rules, & all fashion rules are meant to be broken at times, but here are my guidelines for choosing what pieces to wear with which outfit.

Go bold with the earrings when the dress or outfit has solid color & no prints.

When wearing a printed outfit, choose earrings in a solid color that is incorporated in the print.

Gold & white are always right.

When the outfit has no print at all, add a printed scarf to your hair or handbag in a complimentary color for more interest.

A dainty bracelet can make a look more put together. But nothing too flashy.

If you have broad shoulders like I do, opt for statement earrings over necklaces.

A monochrome look is always a good choice.

For lower necklines, wear more round or wide earrings.

When wearing something with a high neckline, a thinner or longer earring looks best.


Now it’s time to play! Put these guidelines into practice & just add & take away pieces until you’re satisfied with the look you’ve created. Bold accessories are so in right now, so take advantage of this opportunity & really go for it. Take a risk. Be fearless.

Accessorizing 101

Accessorizing 101

Accessories To Consider This Spring

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