Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Tips
Bridal Makeup Tips

The Most Photographed Day Of Your Life

On my wedding day, I knew the look I was going for. I wanted to look like me, but the very best version of myself. Since I have makeup, I know my face, & I’ve watched enough YouTube to have at least a minor degree in makeup application, I decided to do my own makeup on the big day. But this wasn’t my first go at bridal makeup – or my last! Over the past couple of years I’ve had the pleasure of doing bridal makeup & bridesmaid makeup for a handful of weddings. I am by no means an expert, by I have learned so much & I have been wanting to share this with you for some time now. With wedding season upon us, let’s talk bridal makeup tips.

Bridal Makeup Tips
Bridal Makeup Tips

Top Tips

When I envision bridal makeup, I see glowing skin, flattering lipstick, bright eyes, & a sculpted face. Make sure you use a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your foundation & don’t only use it under the eyes. Take it down the center of the face from the center of the forehead to the chin. Doing this helps uniform the look as well as brightens up the center of the face.

Use a good contour. I’m totally smitten by the Charlotte Tilbury Contour & Highlight Wands & I recommend them to every bride. They just work, it’s as simple as that! I use this brush to blend in the contour & my beautyblender to blend out the highlight.

I’m not sure if this is a tip necessarily, but I do not recommend using false lashes on your wedding day unless you use them on a daily basis already. Not because I’m not comfortable putting them on, because I wear them for shows all the time, but because they don’t look natural on me. On the most photographed day of my life, I want to truly look like myself. If you don’t think your lashes curled with mascara will be enough, I would recommend getting a lift or extensions for the wedding over applying false lashes.

*Photos below taken on an iPhone in natural light*

My Must-Have Products I Use On Every Bride

For foundation, every bride’s skin will require something unique to them. I always mix in a drop of my Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in the shade, Moonlight, to whatever foundation the bride chooses. My go-to concealer for brides in actually the concealer I use every day – the Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Concealer. To highlight the center of the face, I sweep a nice layer of shades from my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. Those powders are pure magic on the face.

I’ve played around with looks from so many different eye shadow palettes, but I’ve found my bridal holy grail. The Urban Decay Naked2 Palette will forever be my go-to for brides. My favorite colors are Tease in the crease, Snakebite to darken up the outer v, Bootycall all over the lid, & Chopper on the outer half of the lid for a bit of warmth & shine.

For bridal lipstick, I would have to recommend using either YSL or Charlotte Tilbury products. On my wedding day, I layer two YSL lip products on my lips (shade 11 & shade 70) & I absolutely loved how fresh & feminine it looked. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks have mad staying powers & always seem to wear off so well! Even the non-matte K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipsticks last for so long & look amazing. You can’t go wrong with either of these brands.

Bridal Makeup Tips
Bridal Makeup Tips

*Wedding photos by Emily Delamater*

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