Burnside Farms In The Easter Dress YOU Chose

Hello Everyone!
Happy Easter!
Hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend with family and friends. Yesterday, I went to Burnside Farms for the first time and brought my friend, Eri, along with me. I was so excited to submerge myself in a field of endless happy tulips. How much more spring-y can it get?
The best part was that we got to pick our own bouquet (or bouquets…ok, I got a little carried away) of tulips right from the field! I made sure to grab the bulbs as well, and I can’t wait to plant them in my garden in the fall.
I also wore this gorgeous dress that you guys picked out for me. I got so many compliments while wearing it – so thank you for dressing me so well;)
What are your favorite spring blooms? xx
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