Friday Five – Travel Haul

Hello Everyone!
If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram, you will know that I leave for NYC on Monday! I can hardly wait. I recently did a small travel haul for this trip and I figured I would share it with you. Here are a few new travel essentials broken down into 5 categories:
1. Beauty
 I have been slowly acquiring these items over the past few weeks, and I am so excited to have them for my trip. First, I saw Sephora had mini Triple Sec bottles in their rewards bazaar, so I quickly picked up a couple and was thankful I had some points to spare. I love this product and it makes my hair smell amazing. I also picked up a few gems at Anthropologie that are just gorgeous. The rosewater sage hand cream is so luxurious and is perfect to throw into my handbag. The Marvis toothpaste is one that I have been wanting to try for some time now, and when I saw it in the store, I had to pick it up. It’s a travel size and perfect for my trip. Lastly, I found these super cute travel bottles on Amazon and can’t wait to try them out. The come with a small funnel and spatula to make filling the containers easy (hopefully…I will let you know!). And they are pink, so I had to have them!
2. Storage
 I am obsessed with this crossbody! Not only is it gorgeous, but it is so practical and fits everything I need inside. My travel camera fits so perfectly which is why I was drawn to this bag in the first place. I also bought this adorable black velvet cat zip top bag (mentioned here) for cards, cash, train tickets, etc. Since we are on the topic of storage, I also purchased some back up memory cards because I plan on taking so many pictures!
3. Batteries
There is nothing worse than being away from home with a phone that’s dead, am I right?! I vowed not to let that happen to me so I purchased this portable charger to insure my iPhone stays alive! I also got an extra camera battery, again because I plan on taking way too many photos.
4. Calming Aid
As soon as I knew I was going to be traveling quite a bit this summer, I knew I wanted to purchase one of these. I suffer with anxiety sometimes (read more here), and although it has gotten so much better, I wanted to have something to help me stay calm should I face any flare ups. Lavender is great for reducing anxiety and stress, and this roll-on is so handy.
5. Cords
This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I thought I’d share it with you anyways. I needed some new charging cords for my iPhone, and these pink ones had my name written all over them. I also got a few gear ties to help me keep all of my cords organized. I know they are going to be a lifesaver.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Are you planning any trips for the summer? I want to know where you are going and what are some of your travel essentials? xx
P.S. The peonies featured in the photos from this post are from my own garden! Aren’t they gorgeous? They make me so happy.
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Friday Five – Pink!

Hello Everyone!
As I was gathering some items to put together a favorites post, I realized a common theme: Pink! Thus said, this week’s Friday Five is composed of all things pink. *Swoon*
I had to talk about these first because, they truly are my new loves. I mean, what is not to love about these gorgeous shoes? They are two toned featuring leather and suede, and the gold chain detail is divine. I also love that they are backless for a more casual feel. They can be the perfect pop of color to a more neutral look, and also the perfect calm to a pattern-filled look. Let me know if you want to see how I would style them in an outfit.


This notepad is just so cute. Rifle Paper Co. has been a long time love of mine and never disappoints. I purchased this a few weeks ago, and it has been in constant use. I don’t know about you, but when things look as pretty in pink as this simple pad of paper does, I can’t help but use it! Recently, I have used this to make shopping lists, blog plans, packing lists, and to-do lists. I keep the bulk of it at my desk while taking a few pages with me in the pocket of my planner. So handy!


I got this Drink Up Lip Balm sample in my stocking this past Christmas, and have been using this loads recently. It’s just what I need on those “no makeup, makeup” days. It’s very juicy and hydrating while providing the perfect sheer shade of pink to my lips that looks both natural and healthy. There are 8 shades to choose from, but I have mine in the shade, Berry Splash.
As you all know, I’m soon to be an international woman with all of my upcoming overseas travel plans (If you missed it, find out where I’m headed here). I found this adorable passport holder that I immediately had to have seeing as though it is pink with the French phrase, “Bon Voyage” written in rose gold letters across the front. Not only is it practical by keeping my passport protected, it’s also oh so cute, making the wait to see this in action pure torture.
These pink gummy vitamins are a rather new find for me. I have never seen such a rapid change in the growth of my nails and hair than while I have been taking these. Amazing! Also, the 3 things I want boosted on a daily basis are precisely what these gummies target: energy, immune, and bone health. They are tasty and super easy to take. I look forward to them every morning.
Hope you guys had a great week and enjoyed this pink filled post.
Any fun weekend plans? Any suggestions on what you want to see in the future?
Thank you guys for your support and comments. They really mean the world to me. 🙂 xx
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Life Update – Bon Voyage

Hello Everyone!
I am so excited to share some exciting news with you guys! Some of you might already know this if you follow me on Instagram (@felixandflora), but I am taking 3 big trips in the next 3 months! Eek!
Ready to hear where?…
1. New York City
May 8-15th I will be in the big apple again! I called it home for two years in the past while I was studying ballet at Ellison Ballet, and I am going back as a professional dancer to perform at the Joyce Theater with the Richmond Ballet. What a dream come true! I haven’t gotten my tech schedule yet, but I am hoping to have some down time in between shows to return to my old stomping grounds of Hell’s Kitchen and the Upper West Side. Seeing as though I haven’t lived there in 4 years, and the city is always changing, I would love to here some suggestions on current places to go (shops, restaurants, cafés, etc.). Bring on the subway headphones, all black outfits, and walking with purpose.
2. Benin, Africa
What?!?! I’m going to Africa?!
You heard right, friends. This will be my first overseas trip ever. I’m around 95% over the moon excited and 5% nervous and anxious, but my friends all assure me the flight will be fine and there is no need to worry. (Any anxious travelers out there? Any tips or suggestions?)
I will be in Benin June 7-14th to visit my boyfriend’s mom who has been working there for the past two years. I can’t wait to experience the difference in culture and use some of the French I have been studying, seeing as though Benin is a French speaking country. More details about this trip to come! (Has anyone been to Africa before? Or better yet, Benin?)
3. Paris, France
Oui! Paris, here I come.
I know this sounds silly, but you know those random quizzes that circle the internet about what city you’re destined to live in? Well I have taken several of those, and they ALWAYS come back with the same result…Paris. That combined with the fact that I am a hopeless romantic and a lover of art, wine, and shopping, make Paris the ultimate destination for me. After years of dreaming, I am going to get my first taste of the “City of Love” June 15-17th. Now I know this is not nearly enough time to spend in such a magical city, but Ben assures me that we will go back very soon, like I’m already planning my next trip. Seeing as though I will have such a limited amount of time in Paris, what are the places I HAVE to see, or the restaurants I HAVE to eat at, or the stores I MUST visit? Please let me know! I’m working on my itinerary and trying to make the 2 1/2 days spent there the most worth while.
***(Also, to you beauty gurus out there, what are the best drugstore, or pharmacie products to get in Paris! I want to go with a good list and do a haul!)
I would really love to hear any advice or suggestions from you! Please comment below or share this post with people who have been to these places and might have some advice!
More travel updates, outfits, packing, and planning to come! #comeflywithme xx