Friday Five – Travel Haul

Hello Everyone!
If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram, you will know that I leave for NYC on Monday! I can hardly wait. I recently did a small travel haul for this trip and I figured I would share it with you. Here are a few new travel essentials broken down into 5 categories:
1. Beauty
 I have been slowly acquiring these items over the past few weeks, and I am so excited to have them for my trip. First, I saw Sephora had mini Triple Sec bottles in their rewards bazaar, so I quickly picked up a couple and was thankful I had some points to spare. I love this product and it makes my hair smell amazing. I also picked up a few gems at Anthropologie that are just gorgeous. The rosewater sage hand cream is so luxurious and is perfect to throw into my handbag. The Marvis toothpaste is one that I have been wanting to try for some time now, and when I saw it in the store, I had to pick it up. It’s a travel size and perfect for my trip. Lastly, I found these super cute travel bottles on Amazon and can’t wait to try them out. The come with a small funnel and spatula to make filling the containers easy (hopefully…I will let you know!). And they are pink, so I had to have them!
2. Storage
 I am obsessed with this crossbody! Not only is it gorgeous, but it is so practical and fits everything I need inside. My travel camera fits so perfectly which is why I was drawn to this bag in the first place. I also bought this adorable black velvet cat zip top bag (mentioned here) for cards, cash, train tickets, etc. Since we are on the topic of storage, I also purchased some back up memory cards because I plan on taking so many pictures!
3. Batteries
There is nothing worse than being away from home with a phone that’s dead, am I right?! I vowed not to let that happen to me so I purchased this portable charger to insure my iPhone stays alive! I also got an extra camera battery, again because I plan on taking way too many photos.
4. Calming Aid
As soon as I knew I was going to be traveling quite a bit this summer, I knew I wanted to purchase one of these. I suffer with anxiety sometimes (read more here), and although it has gotten so much better, I wanted to have something to help me stay calm should I face any flare ups. Lavender is great for reducing anxiety and stress, and this roll-on is so handy.
5. Cords
This one is pretty self-explanatory, but I thought I’d share it with you anyways. I needed some new charging cords for my iPhone, and these pink ones had my name written all over them. I also got a few gear ties to help me keep all of my cords organized. I know they are going to be a lifesaver.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post!
Are you planning any trips for the summer? I want to know where you are going and what are some of your travel essentials? xx
P.S. The peonies featured in the photos from this post are from my own garden! Aren’t they gorgeous? They make me so happy.
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Shop My Lust List

Hello Everyone!

You know the drill!
Grab these picks before they are gone! I am so in love with these pieces. I actually just put in an order including the gold bow mules and the super cute cat zip top purse. Adorable!

Enjoy! xx

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How Do You Treat Your Clothes?

Hello Everyone!
I decided to challenge myself to take better care of my clothing and accessories. More often than I’d like to admit my room looks like the picture below. Totally not ok. I have spent my hard earned money on these beautiful garments I clothe myself in every single day, & they end up on the floor in a pile. Disgusting. I knew it was time to make a change, & I recruited a few items to help me out.
steamerlint rollersweater shaver, & a garment rack were just the tools I needed for a fresh start.
My sweaters desperately needed a facelift. They were starting to pill & were undoubtably covered with the hair from our two cats & dog (as you can see^^^). Using the sweater shaver & lint roller, unveiled new & refreshed sweaters ready to get me through the chilly nights of spring.


I purchased this inexpensive garment rack to display items I’m particularly inspired by, outfits I’ve already prepared for events, or, in this case, travel outfit planning. There is something so satisfying about putting beauty on display, & this certainly does the trick. It’s a helpful reminder that these pieces are meant to be worn & treasured.



I haven’t finished yet, but my goal is to go through & steam every article of clothing so they are ready to wear at a moment’s notice. That means no more piles. No more being unable to wear something because it’s now wrinkled from sitting on the floor. & from now on, shoes go from the rack, to my feet, & then directly back to the rack! Why is this so hard?!


The last change I made was emptying out ALL of my purses. Now I know where all of my bobby pins have been hiding! No more just throwing random crap into my nice purses, & when I want to change purses, I must TAKE EVERYTHING OUT. No more losing a favorite lipstick only to find it in the purse I was wearing the week before.
Do you do these things too?
What kind of things do you do to show your clothes some extra love? xx
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My ASOS Picks

Hello Everyone!

I had this idea recently, that since things sell out so quickly on ASOS, I would do the work for you guys by daily checking in and finding what are in my opinion the best pieces and rounding them up for you.

Let me know if you like this idea!

Here’s this week’s picks:

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Burnside Farms In The Easter Dress YOU Chose

Hello Everyone!
Happy Easter!
Hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend with family and friends. Yesterday, I went to Burnside Farms for the first time and brought my friend, Eri, along with me. I was so excited to submerge myself in a field of endless happy tulips. How much more spring-y can it get?
The best part was that we got to pick our own bouquet (or bouquets…ok, I got a little carried away) of tulips right from the field! I made sure to grab the bulbs as well, and I can’t wait to plant them in my garden in the fall.
I also wore this gorgeous dress that you guys picked out for me. I got so many compliments while wearing it – so thank you for dressing me so well;)
What are your favorite spring blooms? xx
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Friday Five – For The Love Of Quirk

Hello Everyone!
I’m keeping this week’s post short and sweet.
Thank all of you lovely people who came out to support me and the Richmond Ballet at Quirk Hotel this past week. I had such a wonderful time engaging in great conversation while getting my fill of rosé (of course, I had the pink wine). After arriving a few minutes late due to a certain furry friend who did not want to get into her crate, I quickly realized that this wasn’t your normal “wine tasting”, but a four glasses of wine kind of evening. So we undoubtedly had a swell time. 😉
I wasn’t able to take many pictures during the actual event, but afterwards, some fellow Richmond Ballet dancers (Valerie, Maggie, and Eri) and I went up to the rooftop that is finally open! A fast favorite spot of mine for the spring/summer for sure. If you live in Richmond and have not been, you’re missing out.
Below are my top 5 pictures from the evening. I am just so in love with the ambiance, color scheme, and the overall classy, yet quirky vibe of this gorgeous hotel. What a fun night we had.
dress – similar / heels / earrings – similar



Hope you all have had a lovely week!
What plans do you have for this Easter weekend? I cannot wait to finally wear my dress! Huge thank you to everyone who voted. xx
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