DIY Pinecone Garland

Hello Everyone!

I’ve lived in the same little house in RVA for about a year & a half now, & one of my favorite things about it is the mini forest in the backyard: trees, flowers, vines, & in the fall…so many pinecones! Last year, I gathered up a large collection of them to help decorate my house for the season. I made a very simple & festive pinecone garland, to hang on the hutch in my living room.

This year, I gathered another round of pinecones, only this time, I helped my friend, Melissa make one for her house.

To make this lovely fall decor, you need the following:

30-60 Pinecones (depending on how long you want it to be)



*Optional: Hot Cider & Netflix

All you have to do is measure out how long you want your garland to be with the twine, leaving a few extra inches at the end for hanging purposes. Lay it flat, then cut several pieces of twine about 6 inches long. These smaller pieces will then wrap around the base of the pinecone, & attach to the long anchor piece. When wrapping the smaller twine around the pinecone, tie it in a double knot, then double knot that onto the anchor. Repeat this with all of the pinecones, making sure to slide the knots on the anchor as close together as possible to allow the pinecones to look clustered.

A couple cups of cider later, & you’re done! It’s so simple! What a fun way to add a natural fall touch to your home.

How do you like to decorate your home for fall? Do you have any fun DIY projects I should try? Leave them in the comment below!

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Skin Survival Guide For The Cold

Hello Everyone!

So it’s getting to be about that time again to add some extra moisture to your skincare routine. The cold weather is approaching (Yessss! Finally!), & the chilly air, unfortunately, does such a good job of drying out the skin. Clothes do most of the work by protecting the majority of our skin, but our face & hands take the biggest hit. I’ve gathered a haul of amazing products to help keep my skin glowing, plump, & moisturized no matter how cold it gets outside.

Glossier is such a cult favorite right now, & with good reason. These cruelty-free products are all about helping you have healthy, glowy skin you can be proud of. I particularly love that philosophy because up until about a year ago, I really hated my skin. So much so, that I got really into makeup so that I could cover it up really well. Now, I can happily say, I am starting to love my skin. I opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of a full coverage foundation on a daily basis, & I am not afraid to be seen without any makeup! I never thought I would see such a change in my skin, but I have, & it’s been life-changing. (Writing this post has got me thinking I should do a skin journey post…leave a comment below if that’s something you’re interested in!)

I’ve been putting these products to the test for a while now, & I can safely say that most of them are must-haves for the upcoming cold weather.

If you’re reading this, & you are a human, you need a balm dotcom (or 6). This is the gateway Glossier product, hands down. The flavors and tints are perfection, & they actually provide moisture. How many times have you bought a lip balm & wondered if it actually did anything for your lips? Like every single time? Yep, this product is not like that. They feel incredible, while looking effortless on the lips. The best part is, it’s also a universal salve. Not only can you use it on your lips, but on your cuticles & dry patches of your skin. These balms also make great presents & stocking stuffers. (Christmas is right around the corner!!!)

The Milky Jelly Cleanser is another Glossier favorite. It’s texture is unlike any other cleanser I’ve ever used. Exactly like it’s name, this jelly-like cleanser effortlessly takes off make-up & cleans your skin, all while somehow adding moisture to your face. At the moment, it’s my favorite in-shower cleanser, & the little moisture boost it provides is definitely going to help my skin survive the cold this season.

I use a combination of Super Glow & the Priming Moisture Rich every third day for my nightly skincare routine. I get a bit of the moisturizer, then add 3-4 drops of Super Glow to it & place it all over my face, neck & chest. You would not believe how dreamy this combination smells & feels right before heading off to bed! Not to mention how happy my skin is in the morning: fresh, plump, glowing, & ready to take on the day.

Lastly, for those days when your skin just looks tired & dehydrated, let the Moisturizing Moon Mask be your go-to. This mask is packed with ingredients to help tone, provide oxygen, & help to plump & rejuvenate the skin, while providing the extra moisture your skin needs. I know I will be reaching for this one all A/W long.

Thanks for stopping by & reading this post! If you liked it, let me know down below. In the comments, be sure to share the link to your blog so I can send some love your way too! 🙂

One more thing…

If you are new to Glossier, & would like to make your first purchase, here’s a discount code for 20% off your first purchase: 

Happy Shopping! (Your skin will thank you later!) xx


Watch me go to the Glossier Showroom while I was in NYC earlier this summer!


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Fall Flavors RVA: Harvest Latte

Hello Everyone!

I’m starting a new series here on F&F showcasing seasonal gems right here in Richmond, VA. I happy to be starting this series now because fall flavors are to die for.

For my first RVA flavors spotlight, I chose one of my very favorite spots in all of Richmond: Sugar & Twine. This little shop is the perfect spot to relax & refresh with a cup of delicious coffee & a pastry or two. It’s a Sunday morning ritual for me on my way to church. I love to people watch, read Style Weekly, & listen to the juicy gossip just inches away from me in the next table over (you know you do it too…). This place is always buzzing with people, so good luck catching them without a line, but I promise it’s worth the wait! I can hardly walk past this place without picking up one of their cheddar biscuits and a chai latte (my personal favorites)!

When I heard via their Instagram that they had a fall drink out, I quickly asked my friend, Eri, to come with me to test it out. Let me tell you, you’re gonna love it!

Their fall drink this season is their Harvest Latte. The real treat about this drink is their special made in-house syrup that features actual pumpkin, cloves, cinnamon, & ginger. Now if that doesn’t scream fall, I don’t know what does! It’s just as delicious as it sounds, & if you haven’t tried it yet, go today!

They also have an assortment of fall inspired pastries that I’m sure are as equally delicious as they are beautiful. I decided to go with the maple pecan scone first, but I can’t wait to go back to try them all!

*For this coffee date, I wore almost exclusively Forever 21, which is not as normal for me as it used to be. This blouse (also mentioned here) is in a size XL, but I loved the blowy sleeves the larger size provided. I paired it with one of my new fall staples, my pink tweed mini skirt. I also wore an old pair of navy ballerinas, my white handbag, & a bold fall lip.*

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How To Transition With Ease

Hello Everyone!

Season transitions can really put a damper on your decision as to what to wear in the mornings. Do I wear a sweater? Shorts? Boots? Sandals? Will I get too cold in this? Will I burn up if I wear this? Seeing as though I have been asking myself the same sorts of questions, I decided to dig deep (into my wardrobe) & put together a collection of actually useful transition pieces your wardrobe needs. I’ll show you how I wear them now, while it’s still warm outside, then I’ll tell you how to make the same outfit work for cooler weather. Hopefully, allowing you to transition from summer to fall with ease.

The Long-Sleeve Dress

Dress (similar here) / Collar / Shoes (similar here & budget friendly here) / Bag (similar here)

A piece like this is essential to your transition wardrobe because of its versatility. I found this dress at Zara last season & quickly fell in love with the cut & the delicate feminine details on display. With its dainty nude polka dots & ruffled sleeves, I feel right at home in this dress. That is definitely an important feeling to have when finding a transition piece, since you want it to be something you will want to wear often. The one touch I added to this dress was a collar. The pop of white with the velvet black tie added a touch of preppiness to this look which is perfect for fall.

For warmer weather, I chose to wear this dress with bare legs, a white bag, & these Chanel vibes, black capped toe shoes. As the weather gets colder & colder, I can add a pair of sheer black tights or even black fishnets to this dress to cover my bare legs, & trade these shoes for a pair of ankle boots. My very favorite pair of booties to wear with this dress are my navy velvet ones (sold out, similar here) I found at H&M last season. Before heading out the door, I can easily throw on my favorite moto jacket, trench coat, or pink over coat, & I’m ready to take on the crisp fall air.

The Velvet Midi

Midi Skirt / Ruffled Top / Heels / Bag

When finding transition pieces, pay attention to the color, pattern, & most importantly, the texture of the garment. This skirt is an ideal transition piece with its burnt orange color & velvet texture. I love making a piece thats color & texture screams fall, work for warmer days. Also, the small detailing of the ties on either side of the skirt, make this a very special piece. It’s good to make sure transition pieces are versatile, without being plain. Find items with details to personalize your look.

For now, I’ve paired this skirt with a grey top with mega ruffled sleeves (LOVE!), gingham slingback heels, & my nude Chloé Drew dupe crossbody. As the weather continues to change, I can see myself wearing this skirt with a chunky white or cream knit sweater, or even a black turtleneck. I can’t wait to finish this look with my new long black check coat over top.

The Throw-On Sweater

Sweater (SO similar here) / T-shirt / Jeans / Mules

Ok, so this is not so much a “before & after” item, but rather a “pop this over anything & everything” item. I wore this outfit on tour last weekend to the Outer Banks, & I was able to transition from the chilly mornings & evenings to the warm afternoon with ease. Wearing my current fav jeans with a casual slogan tee & embroidered mules, I popped this fall-toned, mustard sweater over top for extra warmth.

Details. What makes this sweater unique? The amazing twist back detailing transforms this sweater from plain to wow. I can picture myself wearing this over a black shirt dress, or with a black button front midi. The mustard color helps transition any look into a fall look. Also, I can’t wait to wear this to a bonfire this season. Doesn’t this look like the perfect bonfire sweater?!

The Sleeveless Sweater Dress

Sweater dress (similar here) / Heels / Clutch (similar here) / Sunnies

I have had this sweater dress for a couple of years now, so I can confidently tell you how useful this piece is for the transition season. A dress like this one gives major fall vibes, making it fun to wear even on warmer days. If you’re like me, & fall is your favorite season, an item like this is essential to not only your wardrobe, but also your happiness. This dress is perfect to throw on when all you want to do is cozy up under a blanket with a PSL, but you have to leave the house & it’s still warm outside.

For now, I wear it on it’s own, with a pair of leopard chunky heels, a nude clutch, & a pair of cat eye sunnies. Later, I layer it up with a white or black long-sleeve underneath, & a good pair of booties with a structured burgundy bag. I also love dressing it down with a pair of converse and a moto jacket. This dress is so easy to throw on & instantly look put together.

I hope you enjoyed this post & that it helps you make the transition from summer to fall with ease. xx

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