Day Trip to D.C.

Jared and I went to Washington D.C. yesterday! We love adventuring to new places together.  This was his first time there!  Trying to see all this wonderful city has to offer is impossible and quite exhausting, to be honest, but we had a great time and made some even better memories.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip:
On the train! So hopeful and fresh for the day ahead! 
Passing the beautiful Potomac River.
Fell in love with this bench by the Capitol building.
On cloud nine spending time with my love.
So much action outside the Capitol. (My favorite picture of the day)
Beautiful garden on the side of the Capitol building.
The other side – palm trees and all! Capitol or resort?
Saw this bus from far away and was inspired by the words displayed. Fearless. Daring.
We love exploring together:)
The Botanical Gardens  
He’s handsome…:)
Accidental color coordination, but I like it!
We found a much needed resting place in the shade outside the Archives.
Yeah, I think I’ll keep you.  Thanks for helping me carry the heavy bag:)
(Insert heart eyed emoji)
In the butterfly garden! I guess they were hiding?…
We loved the Natural History Museum! Could have spent a whole day in there at least.
Amazing hippo that they compared to a ballerina:)
FINALLY! We made it to my favorite spot. 
“Oh, Virginia, the home of my heart.”
The incredible Lincoln Memorial.
“Four score and seven years ago…”
Fellow dreamer:)
At this moment, we were wanting to pass out…but so thankful for our time together.
In the end…this is EXACTLY how we felt. 
What a blessing it was to spend a day with Jared on an adventure in a different city.  Getting out of your daily routine in your own familiar city is sometimes exactly what you need.  So go on! Explore! Go on adventure! It’s summer so take advantage of it and do something out of the norm.  See what’s out there and may what you find inspire you.  
“Fearless ideas launch daring ventures.”

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