DIY Christmas Garland

DIY Christmas Garland

Hello Everyone!

You should know by now, that I love a good garland, & it doesn’t get any better than having a live green one this time of year! This is my second year in a row to make one of these beauties, & with a little time & creativity, you can too! This DIY Christmas garland is sure to bring your house feel more like home.

Items Needed To Make Your DIY Christmas Garland:

A large pile of branches (We always get ours when we get our Christmas tree, from the clippings…for free!)

Green paddle wire

Pruning shears

DIY Christmas Garland

Once you have all of your supplies, I recommend going through each branch & trimming them to make long, narrow pieces. I also like to choose the corner pieces, which I like to hang down lower than the rest of the garland. After you’ve trimmed each piece, now all you have to do is put them together by placing branches together & securing them in place with the wire. This is the part that takes the most time, just because it’s all trial & error. Play with different branches to see what looks best, & add wire to secure heavier pieces. Keep messing with it until it’s just right.

To hang, I made & attached loops from the wire on five spots along the garland for it to be hung on nails (or command hooks) on the wall. It’s fairly easy to hang & lasts well.

Adding the finishing touches is the best part! This year, we simply placed a cheerful “Merry Christmas” garland in its midst, but last year we hung small star ornaments from the branches. You could also string lights in it or add bows to it, literally whatever fits your home best.

Do you love garlands as much as I do? Will you be putting one up in your home this year?


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