Expert Roundup: Ideas For Giving Back

Giving Back
Hello Everyone!
Blogmas is focusing in on a more serious matter today: giving back.
There is so much chaos & tragedy around us. Whether it’s hurricanes, shootings, riots, politics, or just daily life, we all have weight that we carry around with us. With the holiday season approaching, I believe helping & serving others is not only good for the soul, but for the souls around us.
I have been thinking a lot about how we can make a difference this holiday season in our communities & in our world. I’ve collaborated with a few fellow bloggers & influencers to help spread cheer, help others in need, & reach out to those around us. I’m hoping these ideas provide inspiration for you as to how we can do this together.

Jocelyn, Life In A Leotard

Giving Back

“I love giving back this time of year because the season of Christmas is about giving, sharing His love and spreading hope to others, at least in my eyes. What better way to give back at this time of year than to brighten a child’s Christmas? It’s amazing to know that you are making someone feel loved and warm inside, especially by spreading the magic of Christmas. This is why I love giving through Operation Christmas Child, run by Samaritan’s Purse.

Giving gifts to the ones I love and really putting thought into what I get (or make!) them is one of my favorite things about Christmas, so it makes total sense that I love this program. I pretty much always fill shoeboxes for girls, just because I know what they might like a little more so than boys. I love heading to Target and picking out cute, fun little items to put in the box. Some of the things I’ve loved using in the past include: a cute purse, a fashionable outfit (everybody loves this, right?), dolls, puzzles, hair accessories/jewelry or some nail polish! Finally, I love to write a sweet, personal letter, and enclose a picture so that the child knows they are receiving something from real people, and not just a company or organization! Merry Christmas everyone!”

Jordan, Petite Modern

Giving Back

“Growing up, my mom taught me how to carefully wrap and care for each gift as we prepared to put them  under the tree. Now that I am older, I love shopping for, and carefully selecting, gifts for my loved ones. I am like my mother in this way. She also asked us to set aside part of our allowance growing up to make sure we had enough to fill a box for “Operation Christmas Child.” We would pick out socks, toiletries, coloring books, and small toys, all for a child less fortunate than us. We would wrap up an old shoe box, fill them with our toys and gifts, and send them off to a boy or girl of a certain age group in a third world country. To this day, I try and participate by filling at least one box, or gathering with a group of friends to work together on multiple boxes for the organization. It reminds me about the true meaning of christmas: loving beyond reason, and giving way more than we could ever imagine. It still warms my hart, even as I grow older!

I have also been working on my consumer habits. Buying less out of want, and more out of need. As I start clearing out my closet each season, I set aside the items I no longer need and drop them off at nearby clothing drop boxes, like these by Special Olympics of Virginia ( This donation box gets upcycled and items find a second life, instead of ending up in the landfil. It’s a great way to give back, keep things clean, and funds are collected by a really incredible organization that can help make my old belongings last a lot longer than I could!”
Jordan has also put together a holiday gift guide of exclusively eco-friendly products! Items like these make the world around us a better place. Go check out her post & all the amazing products that give back to our earth!

Kaylyn, Modestly Exposed

Giving Back

Kaylyn has written a whole post explaining her heart for giving back & starting a movement to #exposeyourkindness. She provides both big & small ways to spread cheer, love, & peace this season.

“I am not asking for anything specific for Christmas this year. I told my family that presents were not a necessity, and I would rather they use the money to donate to a cause they are passionate about or to go out and serve others who need it. Now I understand, this is not a new concept, but it’s a first for me. I’m also being more intentional about sharing kindness, by donating to some of my favorite organizations and charities. Along with these, I will seek for opportunities where I can show love to others and meet their needs.”
Check out her post to find a list of places where you can donate your time & money to this Christmas to make a difference in the world around us.

Giving Back

This season, I’m teaming up with my church to volunteer & package up meals in order to bring hope to those in my community. I have done things like this before, but this will be my first time as an adult. I love praying over each box, for each family that will receive these meals, that they will be filled with hope & peace during difficult times. You never know that what seems like a simple meal will mean to someone.

If you live in RVA & are interested in joining me, sign up here. Come on your own, or gather a group of friends or family together. Make memories together that make a difference.

Ideas for giving back while you shop:

Spirited Slogans FEED Mugs

West Elm has partnered with FEED in support of their mission to end world hunger. For each mug purchased, FEED will donate 6 meals to families in need in the USA.

Toms Rose Gold Metallic Lenox Sneakers

“With every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One.”

ROMA Rain Boots

“Every pair of ROMA Boots sold, a brand new pair of rain boots are donated to a child living in poverty. For You. For All.”

Tatcha Skincare

“Beauty that gives back: Your purchase of a full-sized Tatcha skincare item will fund a day of school for incredible girls through their Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures partnership with Room to Read.”


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