Feminine Animal Print

Feminine Animal Print
Feminine Animal Print

T h e   B o o m i n g

T r e n d

One huge fall trend this year is animal print. It is literally EVERYWHERE! I’ve loved a good leopard print for as long as I can remember. In fact, I tried to start a #CheetahRevolution when I was 18 years old. Leopard isn’t the only animal print currently on trend. Some other big ones include snake print & croc style. 

Even though I am clearly a big fan of leopard print, I’ve been considering how this print fits into my current classic & feminine style. Today I am sharing how I will be incorporating this trend into my wardrobe this season as well as some of my favorite pieces that can be added to just about any wardrobe.

Feminine Animal Print
Feminine Animal Print

O u t f i t   D e t a i l s

Animal Print Dress, Burgundy Boots, Lipstick, Bow $5!

Feminine Animal Print
Feminine Animal Print
Feminine Animal Print
Feminine Animal Print
Feminine Animal Print

H o w   T h i s   T r e n d

F i t s   I n   M y 

W a r d r o b e

Typically, I would say that leopard print is a neutral, so wear it as such, but this dress makes quite the statement. The reason I went for something so bold was two-fold: the colors are comprised of many of my favorite fall tones I wear regularly & the silhouette this dress creates is very feminine & a go-to in my closet. Usually when I find something with a bold print or pattern, but they fit both of the above requirements, I know it will fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. A good way to make sure of this is knowing that the colors are ones that you wear regularly, & the shape of the item is a classic silhouette you are always drawn to.

Another way I like to incorporate animal print is with accessories. This is definitely the easiest & safest way to wear this trend. Think scarves, berets, shoes, & handbags. These pieces are easy to pair with items currently in your wardrobe. To ensure an easy fit, make sure the print stays in its true & natural colors. Then you can really treat these items as a neutral & wear them with almost anything.

Feminine Animal Print
Feminine Animal Print

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