Friday Five – Perfect Your Parisian Summer Wardrobe

Hello Everyone!

Ah…Paris…was it all a dream?

I can’t believe I was really there! It was all so beautiful. All I wanted to do was jump from café to café, sipping on delicious noisette, while watching the unique people & fashion of this great city. I’ve decided that no amount of visiting will ever satisfy my Parisian craving…I must live here (even for 3 months) someday. I desperately want to embody the Parisian woman, & know the city inside & out. I want to know the non-touristy parts of the city & go where the locals go. This also means I must learn French. (Eek! Come on Duolingo…but for real this time.) The determined dreamer in me will make it happen!

Although, since I don’t live in Paris at the moment *sigh* I’ve decided that I can start to embody the Parisian woman (her style, how she eats, her habits, her seemingly effortless glamour) right here in Richmond, VA.

Today I’m starting with first things first: the Parisian wardrobe.

I didn’t want to go for the typical, cliché black dress or striped shirt sort of thing. From what I’ve gathered, the Parisian woman never wants to look over the top, her hair is never done to a T (thank goodness!), & she always looks as though she just threw something on & it’s no big deal (but inside, she knows she looks good).

So here are 5 things I just “threw on” (not really…totally planned for weeks) while in Paris. These items will help me bring my inner Parisian wherever I am.

1. The Classy Sundress

Remember this dress? It was one of the choices for my Easter dress! You guys didn’t choose this one, but I secretly fell in love with it so I had to buy it! (Along with my actual Easter dress of course.) I had been saving it for the perfect occasion, & it just screamed Paris. I’m absolutely in love with the colors on this dress. The pastels against the natural white color are gorgeous, and they actually make me look quite tan! The length, combined with the one shouldered ruffle detail make this dress super classy, never giving too much away, while still being feminine & put together.

2. The Perfect Mule

There’s no question that the mule trend is in full swing (& I hope it’s here to stay!). I found these mules at Forever 21 just a few days before I left the country. As I tried on my outfits for Paris for the last time (total planner…how un-Parisian of me…oops), these shoes flawlessly went with every single outfit! They just worked. Basically I wore these shoes all over Paris. They are super comfortable and so easy to walk in. Even on the cobblestone roads of Paris, the shoes performed beautifully. You need a pair of these to effortlessly pull an outfit together.

3. The Off-The-Shoulder Top

Here’s another trend that can be seen everywhere, but it just makes sense why. How gorgeous & sexy (without being slutty) is this top? I love that the material is a little bit more crisp, & the flowy sleeves with the tie detail are the icing on the cake. The perfect way to spice up a basic white shirt. I tucked mine into this ruffled tulle skirt (because I love to wear tutus…I am a ballerina through & through), but it can also easily be styled with a nice pair of jeans or these light blue culottes. This is a true staple to add to your wardrobe. Wear it, & let out your inner Parisian woman.

4. The Lemon Drop

Yellow can be a tricky color to wear (anyone else find it difficult?), but I say find your shade & wear proudly. I’ve found that this lemon shade works best on my skin tone, & boy, did I feel so cute & summery wearing my lemon romper! Put in the work (behind the scenes like a true Parisian) to find what shade works best for you. Then wear it nonchalantly, letting others be amazed that you can pull off that color so well. It’s really fun! I promise you can do it. Rock it!

5. The Face-Covering Sunnies

These sunnies are my ride or die sunglasses. They are huge, without being obnoxious & bought at a reasonable price. Undoubtedly, they are Céline “Tilda” dupes, but I don’t care…I love them! They are perfect face coverers, great for masking the early-morning-no-makeup-coffee-runs, the times you can’t control the tears in public, & the secret people watching (or staring). Grab a pair of large or cat eye sunnies, & pair them with your favorite red lipstick, and transform into a calm, cool, & collected Parisian woman (whether you are those things or not).

These items totally bring out my inner Parisian woman.

What articles of clothing are inspiring you at the moment? xx


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