Friday Five – Trend: Lace





Hello Everyone!
Today I am starting a new series on trends. I realized when looking through my wardrobe, that I am a big fan of the whole lace, eyelet, broderie trend. I was actually choosing items for a completely different shoot (leather jacket 5 ways), when I ditched the whole plan because I was totally inspired by these spring trend pieces. They are easy to style, while being showstoppers with eye-catching details. Here are my top 5 pieces in my wardrobe currently.
1. Sheer Lace Panelled Skirt
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2. Lace Midi Skirt
skirt / top / bomber jacket / bag / heels
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3. Short Sleeved Lace Top
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4. Lace dress


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5. Detailed Long Sleeves



top / pants / bag / heels / necklace
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Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you like the idea of seeing more of these “trend” posts.
Have a lovely day! xx

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