Holiday Home Fragrances

Holiday Home Fragrances

Hello Everyone!

Day 2 of Blogmas is here, & it’s filled with all the holiday fragrances I love this time year. I’ve been stocking up on Lush bath products & yummy candles in preparation for this joyful season. I know that a great fragrance has a way of totally calming me down in the midst of Christmas shopping & Nutcracker chaos, & Christmas candles are my absolute favorites! See which ones I’ve gathered this year & others I’m planning on adding to my collection.

I do the most damage at Lush this time of year, hands down. I love hot baths with great bath bombs, oils, or bubbles (or all of the above…) with a space heater going in the bathroom & a glass of red wine in hand. One product that I can’t go without is Christingle. This body conditioner leaves my skin feeling so smooth, but it’s really the scent that has me smitten.  The cooling mint is just perfection. I try so hard to ration this product so I can make it last year round…but I typically fail because it’s just so good!

Other seasonal Lush products I have purchased recently include the Golden Wonder bath bomb, the Christmas Sweater bath bomb, & the Tree D bath oil melt. I can’t wait to use them! (Probably all this next week…)

Seeing as though I will probably use all of the up quite soon, these are on my next list: the Christmas Eve bubble bar,  the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb, & the Thunder Snow bath bomb. I’ll keep you updated via my Instagram Stories.

Holiday Home Fragrances

Now for my Christmas candle collection!

I’m always drawn to the pine/Christmas tree scent in candles! I like to stock up on this fragrance from different companies. My favorites have to be Thymes Frasier Fir, Fresh Balsam, & Illume Balsam & Cedar. These candles burn constantly in my household so having backups is a must.

Bath & Body Works candles are some of my favorites as well! My go-tos are Sweater Weather, Leaves, Winter, & Marshmallow Fireside.

What are your favorite home fragrances this time of year? Do we share any of the same must haves?

Hope you’re having a great day & are enjoying Blogmas thus far! This is just the beginning!…

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