How I Curate My Everyday Looks

How I Curate My Everyday Looks

Everyday Ritual

Everyday, each & every one of us performs the ritual of choosing & putting on clothes for the day. How refreshing it is to start each new day with clean clothes that speak for us & provide the first impression of our persona to the world. I’m in introvert by nature, so I love creating outfits that start conversations for me. Each day I curate outfits that tell the world around me a little bit about me before a word leaves my mouth. I want my outfits to show that I’m kind, approachable, feminine, classy, put together, a little bit playful, & always garden party ready. Knowing what I want my clothes to say about me, means I’m ready to curate my look for the day.

How I Curate My Everyday Looks
How I Curate My Everyday Looks

Outfit Details

Floral Wrap Top // Navy Midi Skirt (sold out, similar here) // Embroidered Mules // Basket Bag // Flower Earrings

How I Curate My Everyday Looks

Let’s Start At The Very Beginning…

…a very good place to start!:) Since I know what I want my clothes to say for me, now I choose my color palette. Like I mentioned in my 6 Steps To Spring Style post, I love choosing my daily color palette by what I’m most inspired by in nature at the moment. Right now I’m loving the grass turning green again, the bright blue sky, & fresh white blooms.

Now it’s time to piece together the puzzle. I love the feminine hourglass shape look, so wearing things that aren’t too fitted around my shoulders & full skirts on my legs combined with a fitted, high-waisted waistline creates that timeless silhouette. My blue floral earrings go with the florals on my top & the navy color of my skirt bringing the whole look together.

Making It My Own

It’s important to me that I add my own personal flair to my everyday looks. For instance, I wrapped a silk scarf around the handle of my basket bag. These little details show the thought & care put into each outfit. I also love throwing in a pop of either print or color that may seem unexpected. My colorful floral embroidered mules do just that, without straying too far from the theme & vibe of the look.

How I Curate My Everyday Looks

How I Curate My Everyday Looks

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