How To Be A Smart Shopper

How To Be A Smart Shopper

Let’s Go Shopping!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all made bad decisions while shopping. Whether it’s spending too much on something, or buying something we don’t need or really even like, we’ve all been there. In an effort to stop making bad shopping decisions, I’ve put some new rules into practice to help make me a smart(er) shopper. Smart shopping means having more money in your bank account & a clear & curated wardrobe making putting outfits together a breeze.

How To Be A Good Shopper

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How To Be A Good Shopper
How To Be A Good Shopper

Before Spending Any Money…

First things first, before you go shopping, you first have to know what you actually have. I recommend going through your closet & taking a bit of inventory on the things you currently own. Having a good idea of what you already have will help you tremendously when trying to be a smarter shopper. This will help choose pieces that will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe.

Next is the fun part. It’s time to get inspired! I like to get my outfit inspiration from a few places: fashion blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, & my newest favorite, the app, but you choose what inspires you the most. When you find an image or item that you like, save it, pin it, or screenshot it immediately to come back to when you’re about to shop.

Creating Wishlists

Finding images other places can be fun & inspiring, indeed, but let me tell you why using the app might be the smartest decision when it comes to shopping. On this free app, you can follow fashion bloggers & influencers & see the exact items you’re inspired by right then & there. Not only can you see how much things cost, but you can also save items you love to wishlists within the app to come back to later! I’ve spent many hours doing this recently, because so many bloggers have been sharing amazing affordable options. You can also find all of my looks & exclusive content by following me (felixandflora) in the app.

You’re almost ready to go shopping! All you need to do now is make a list of items your wardrobe needs. Maybe that’s a classic trench coat, a LND, a pair of denim culottes, espadrilles, or some new accessories. Create your list of items & be specific. Think about the colors you want to look for that will go well with other items in your wardrobe. Knowing these specific details will make you a much smarter shopper. Now let’s go!

How To Be A Good Shopper
How To Be A Good Shopper

We’re Finally Shopping! Now What?

When you’re out shopping or even shopping online, & you find a piece you’re considering buying, it’s time for the interrogation process. Here are some questions to ask yourself: Is this the right color for my wardrobe? Will it flatter my body? & most importantly: Does this go with at least 2-3 other pieces in my wardrobe? If you can only think of one way to wear it with your current wardrobe, ditch it. You need versatile pieces that will ensure you’re making a smart decision by choosing to invest your money in them. If the pieces pass the interrogation, yippee! You’ve just added another lovely item into your wardrobe!

Immediately upon arriving home or receiving your items in the mail, TRY THEM ON! Not just alone, try them on with different pieces in your wardrobe & accessories. If you can’t make at least 2-3 different looks with them, send them back! Never be afraid to return items. In fact, the smartest shoppers return things frequently, because they only want to keep items in their wardrobes that bring them joy, inspiration, & versatility.

How To Be A Good Shopper

How To Be A Good Shopper

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