How To Find Quality Pieces At Affordable Prices

How To Find Quality Pieces At Affordable Prices
How To Find Quality Pieces At Affordable Prices

T h e   G o a l 

So here’s the dream I have…

Living my life in quality, gorgeous pieces of clothing, while still being able to afford the essentials such as food & rent.

Isn’t that a great dream?! Seems like we deserve to have that dream become a reality, right?! Let me share with you my tips & tricks for making this dream a reality in my life. It’s not perfect, & it takes a little bit of work, but be prepared to look good without breaking the bank.

How To Find Quality Pieces At Affordable Prices
How To Find Quality Pieces At Affordable Prices

D o   Y o u r   R e s e a r c h 

This is honestly one of my favorite parts of this journey we are embarking upon today. What I mean by doing your research is checking out what your favorite bloggers on Instagram are wearing & what looks are really speaking to you on Pinterest for the current season. I’ve actually started saving photos in a Collection on my Instagram I call, Looks I Love, which has totally helped me stay focused on the kinds of pieces I like & what to look for when I’m shopping.

Seeing a grouping of photos featuring looks that I love helps me understand the colors, textures, & styles of clothing I’m drawn to at the moment. Sometimes just seeing them all together makes the connection in my brain as to what I’m really searching for.

How To Find Quality Pieces At Affordable Prices
How To Find Quality Pieces At Affordable Prices

W h e r e   T o   L o o k

Finding great things on sale feels like such a win doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find what you are looking for on sale, but there are some places that provide quality pieces at great prices, if you’re willing to do some digging. 

I always say, & my friends can certainly tell you, that Forever 21 is my secret weapon. I’ve found some of my most favorite pieces of clothing from that store, but I’ve also found things that I can’t wait to get rid of once the next year rolls around. The key is the material. Does it feel expensive? If not, just keep searching, because I swear there are hidden gems in that store for literally incredible prices. As long as you take good care of them, they should last year after year at a fraction of the cost.

Some other great places I’ve found great deals at are J. Crew Factory, ASOS, H&M, & Chicwish. I am such a huge fan of the classic look that J. Crew offers, but I’m just not able to put down that kind of money right now. The factory has that same amazing quality but are usually the previous year’s items that are marked down tremendously. H&M has really lovely premium pieces. I tend to really love their shoes & their statement tops. ASOS is an easy one for me because of their incredible returns. It’s so easy to buy something, try it on, & decide whether to keep it our to put it right back in the bag & ship it off the next day. They have some very pricey items on their site, but have some amazing basics & trend pieces at just the right price point. To read more about Chicwish, see my last post.

How To Find Quality Pieces At Affordable Prices
How To Find Quality Pieces At Affordable Prices

W h a t   T o   L o o k   F o r

Once you’ve gathered your inspiration & know where you want to shop, now it’s time to really search to find the good stuff. I like to start by quickly browsing the “New In” section. Here I will either favorite the items I’m interested in or put them in my shopping cart to decide on later.

After a rounded look at the new items, I then start typing in keywords. This fall season I would use terms like: tweed, mini skirt,  maxi dress, beret, boots or over the knee boots, camel, burgundy, navy, leopard, etc. It’s nice to start with broad topics such as a color or a style of something, but if you are looking for something specific, don’t be afraid to search things like: camel turtleneck, navy tweed mini skirt, or green plaid coat. Sometimes, getting specific is just what is necessary to find the perfect item.

Another tip is to really break down those photos of style inspiration  you’ve saved & figure out what makes it so good. Is it the colors? Is it the silhouette or lengths? Or is it the textures? Knowing what you love about something really helps when shopping, especially online. Also, make sure to keep in mind what you already have in your wardrobe & what things can go with the pieces you’re seeing online. Remember, you can ALWAYS return things. 

How To Find Quality Pieces At Affordable Prices

H a p p y   S h o p p i n g

I hope that these tips & tricks help you when it comes to finding quality pieces at affordable prices. These things should hopefully help boost your confidence & experiment with new trends & outfit combinations.

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