I hear You singing over me.

A song has been particularly on my heart this past week. The song is called “Wonder” by Bethel Music. I have listened to it many times before but the words hit me hard recently:

May we never lose our wonder
May we never lose our wonder
Wide eyed and mystified
May we be just like a child
Staring at the beauty of our King
Fill us with wonder
You are beautiful in all your ways
Open the eyes of our heart to see you God

You fascinate us with your love

I’ve been asking Him to literally fill my heart with wonder and awe of Him, that He would open the eyes of my heart to see Him move in my life and in the lives around me.  I’m grasping for the wisdom and knowledge to see the Lord’s hand in all things.
Now the next part is what really hit me: “You are beautiful in all Your ways.” In ALL Your ways. In the good times, and in the bad times, He is beautiful in ALL His ways.  Even in the things we don’t understand, ALL of His ways are beautiful. His mighty hand holds us and guides us in the center of His will, if that is what we seek.  
When it seems that sorrow and suffering drag us by the hand each day, they are refining us and taking us to the mountain top of His peace, hope, grace, and love.  Holding on to the promise that ALL of His ways are beautiful, I challenge you to ask the Lord to open your eyes to His wonderful work around you in the midst of struggles and chaos.  May He fascinate you with His faithful love, even when you don’t know why something is happening.  His purpose will stand. He works in all things for His glory and our good.  

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