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Hello Everyone!


I had such an amazing summer of travel as well as spending some much needed time with family; however, I was not expecting to be gone from the blog for so long. After taking some much needed time to refresh and gather some inspiration, I am back, & so ready to get back to blogging every week! I’m very excited to share with you some things I have been working on while I’ve been gone.

Today, I wanted to share with you some of the looks I’ve been posting on Instagram lately.

These are my absolute new fave jeans! Swoon!

I found this bag while I was in Benin this summer, but you can find a similar one here.

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I received so many compliments while wearing this dress. Definitely a crowd wow-er!

I hope you guys have enjoyed these past few Instagram outfits! My goal is to keep you updated on these about once or twice a month. Let me know if you like this idea!

Here are some things you can be looking forward to:

Fall Haul

Etsy Finds

My Jewelry Collection

…& maybe some vlogs?!

plus so much more. Stay tuned! xx


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One Reply to “Instagram Outfits”

  1. I definitely like the Instagram outfit updates idea! My favorites are the blue gingham dress (*swoon*) and the cute pink top and jeans! Happy you’re back!

    xx Jocelyn //

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