Life Update – Bon Voyage

Hello Everyone!
I am so excited to share some exciting news with you guys! Some of you might already know this if you follow me on Instagram (@felixandflora), but I am taking 3 big trips in the next 3 months! Eek!
Ready to hear where?…
1. New York City
May 8-15th I will be in the big apple again! I called it home for two years in the past while I was studying ballet at Ellison Ballet, and I am going back as a professional dancer to perform at the Joyce Theater with the Richmond Ballet. What a dream come true! I haven’t gotten my tech schedule yet, but I am hoping to have some down time in between shows to return to my old stomping grounds of Hell’s Kitchen and the Upper West Side. Seeing as though I haven’t lived there in 4 years, and the city is always changing, I would love to here some suggestions on current places to go (shops, restaurants, cafés, etc.). Bring on the subway headphones, all black outfits, and walking with purpose.
2. Benin, Africa
What?!?! I’m going to Africa?!
You heard right, friends. This will be my first overseas trip ever. I’m around 95% over the moon excited and 5% nervous and anxious, but my friends all assure me the flight will be fine and there is no need to worry. (Any anxious travelers out there? Any tips or suggestions?)
I will be in Benin June 7-14th to visit my boyfriend’s mom who has been working there for the past two years. I can’t wait to experience the difference in culture and use some of the French I have been studying, seeing as though Benin is a French speaking country. More details about this trip to come! (Has anyone been to Africa before? Or better yet, Benin?)
3. Paris, France
Oui! Paris, here I come.
I know this sounds silly, but you know those random quizzes that circle the internet about what city you’re destined to live in? Well I have taken several of those, and they ALWAYS come back with the same result…Paris. That combined with the fact that I am a hopeless romantic and a lover of art, wine, and shopping, make Paris the ultimate destination for me. After years of dreaming, I am going to get my first taste of the “City of Love” June 15-17th. Now I know this is not nearly enough time to spend in such a magical city, but Ben assures me that we will go back very soon, like I’m already planning my next trip. Seeing as though I will have such a limited amount of time in Paris, what are the places I HAVE to see, or the restaurants I HAVE to eat at, or the stores I MUST visit? Please let me know! I’m working on my itinerary and trying to make the 2 1/2 days spent there the most worth while.
***(Also, to you beauty gurus out there, what are the best drugstore, or pharmacie products to get in Paris! I want to go with a good list and do a haul!)
I would really love to hear any advice or suggestions from you! Please comment below or share this post with people who have been to these places and might have some advice!
More travel updates, outfits, packing, and planning to come! #comeflywithme xx

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