My Custom Lightroom Presets!

The First Ever F&F Product!

I’m so excited to FINALLY be sharing this with you! I’ve been working on a project for a little over a year now, & today is the day I get to share it with you. If you are a part of my newsletter community, you have already know about this project for a few days now (sign up here so you won’t be left out next time!), but I’ve created my own custom Lightroom presets! For those of you who don’t know, Lightroom is the software I use to edit my photos on my laptop, but they also have a free mobile app so you can edit your photos straight from your phone. Presets are great because they act as one-click filters that instantly edit & boost your photos.

Over the past year, I’ve been playing around with different editing styles & figuring out what works & what doesn’t. I’ve compiled my 3 favorite presets I’ve created into a trio bundle to share with all of you! They are so easy to use. Once you download them, all it takes is one click & your photo is ready to post! Read below to see the inspiration & magic behind each custom preset in the trio.

Positano Pop!

Positano Pop!

This present was inspired by our romanic, Italian honeymoon. We totally fell in love with the pops of color around every corner. Use this preset to add light, boost the colors of Positano, & give that sun-kissed feel to your photos. This product can be used in your free Lightroom app as well as the desktop version. Bring that Italian flair to the next photo on your Instagram feed. See photos edited with this preset on Instagram: #FFxPositanoPop

F&F Presets

Summer Love

This has been my go-to preset to use this summer. I love the warm pink hue it gives to each image. This preset is bold & saturated, which is totally my style at the moment. It doesn’t affect the exposure, just removes the highlights & shadows to expose the raw colors on display. Add a little bit of summer love to your next photo you post, whether it’s summertime or not. See photos edited with this preset on Instagram: #FFxSummerLove

F&F Presets

Indoor Magic

Indoor Magic is my most recent preset to create & was inspired by my secret garden (aka my beauty room). This preset also gives a bit of a pink hue to a photo while also softening & brightening each photo. I love using this preset on photos I take indoors, but it also works great with outdoor photography. Add a bit of magic to your photos with the Indoor Magic F&F Preset. See photos edited with this preset on Instagram: #FFxIndoorMagic

How To Use These Presets

*Download the free Lightroom app to use these presents on your mobile device*

After purchasing, you will receive an email containing the 3 individual preset files. On an Android phone, simply download the DNG files. On an iPhone, download & save the image (even though there appears to be no image). The next steps are the same whether you have an android or apple phone. Open the Lightroom app & import the DNG file. Now it will show up as an image. Up in the right hand corner, you should see three little dots. Tap that & then click “Create Preset”. Enter the name of the preset, & now it is saved in your app to use on any of your photos!

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