My First YouTube Video!

Hello Everyone!

As you all know, I was in NYC a few weeks ago, performing with the Richmond Ballet at the Joyce Theater. While on tour, I decided to test my knack at filming. I told myself that there was no pressure. That no one was expecting a video, so if it sucked, no one would ever have to see it. So I went for it. I really went for it. So much so, that I came home with 45 minutes of footage! After figuring iMovie out for the first time and cutting quite a bit of nonsense out, I came out with two videos that I am quite proud of.

Today I will show you my first one!


Tell me what you think! Any advice? Should I continue to make more videos?

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(Eek! I’ve always wanted to say that!)

I can’t believe I’ve started my own YouTube channel! But you know, we here at Felix & Flora believe in dreaming big dreams…even seemingly impossible dreams.  Thank you so much for your support and believing in me.

P. S. – Stay tuned for part 2!

Dream With Me!

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3 comments so far.

3 responses to “My First YouTube Video!”

  1. Holly says:

    Aw I really liked this! You guys should definitely do more, i’ll be watching them 🙂
    Holly x / /

  2. ellieloveellie says:

    Until a half a year ago I did ballet too!;-)
    My teacher kept saying I have a lot of talent, but I didn’t belive her because she said it to a lot of girls, haha…

  3. Congrats on your first video!!!!! It looks GREAT! Also, I tried ballet in college and it was SO MUCH HARDER than it looks! You’re amazing!

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