My Thoughts On Change

My Thoughts On Change
My Thoughts On Change
My Thoughts On Change

Change Is All Around Us

The idea of change has been on my mind lately. We experience change on a daily basis. It’s constantly happening all around us like the change of seasons, changing our clothes, a change in our schedule, or even the change in others that affects us in one way or another. Why then, if we experience change around us all the time,  do we sometimes find change so difficult to cope with? Let me share with you my thoughts on the matter.

My Thoughts On Change
My Thoughts On Change
My Thoughts On Change
My Thoughts On Change

Get Your Head In The Game

I’ve been contemplating the different reactions I tend to have to change. On the one hand, when change occurs that tends to lean in my favor, I get excited & think of all of the reasons why this change was so good. The flip side to that is that when the change seems to have the slightest negative effect on me or my surroundings, a feeling of dread comes over me. This seemingly negative change that happens makes me feel out of control & sometimes even angry. But why does it have to be that way? Why does some change excite me while other times change makes me want to cry? I believe it’s all in the mindset.

I think it’s finding the excitement in change no matter if it’s good change or bad change. Granted, it’s much easier to find the excitement in the good change, but I think there can be reasons for excitement to be found in the midst of “bad” change. Let me give you an example of how I’ve been dealing with in this in my personal life recently:

Real Talk

Ben is now in his third week of being a police recruit, & starts police academy next month. He used to work with me as a dancer & then as a teacher at the ballet, which meant our schedules aligned well, we worked in the same building, & we could relate to each other on that level so well. Now that he is starting this new job, I’m beginning to see that that means lots of change is ahead for me. It all hit me at once, because prior to this moment I was just so full of excitement for Ben & his new dream job. I was suddenly aware of all of the ways our lives could change. To be honest, I panicked. I started thinking of all the negative things I could think of which took me down a long spiral of fear & feeling out of control. Then I went to sleep & chose not to think about it for the next few days.

My Theory

Then a few days later, I was driving to work when I had this thought,

“What if I could change my approach to negative change & find creative ways to get excited about any & every change that comes my way?”

I honestly think putting this theory into action could change my life. This is a game changer! Thinking like this is empowering & really makes me put things into perspective. Instead of seeing all of the changes that are bound to happen in my life & in our marriage as bad, I’m doing some soul searching & trying to approach the situation from a different angle.

So..maybe we won’t get to go on an international trip this next year, that means we will maybe get to see some amazing places on the east coast that we have never seen before. Maybe our schedule that I’ve grown to love so much is going to change, that just means we get to start from scratch & make a whole new schedule & fill it with whatever we want. We get to sit down & talk about what is most valuable to use & brainstorm ways to spend time together & be there for each other like never before.

My Thoughts On Change
My Thoughts On Change
My Thoughts On Change
My Thoughts On Change
My Thoughts On Change

What About You?

Do you see what I mean? I really think, as abstract as it may seem in the moment, that positives can be found hidden in every change that happens, we just have to be willing & creative enough to see them & then choose to become excited about them.

How do you deal with change? I would love to start a conversation in the comments below about change. Everyone experiences change, & it’s not always easy, so if you have any thoughts or insights on this topic that you would be willing to share with the F&F community, I know we could all benefit from them. Thank you in advance!

My Thoughts On Change
My Thoughts On Change

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One Reply to “My Thoughts On Change”

  1. Thanks for sharing LaLa. I believe it’s all in a simple word: PERSPECTIVE. Everyday we have a choice to perceive anything that happens to us in any way that we choose. That’s a lot of pressure lol. Especially when our brains are constantly seeking comfort and control. But when you find yourself reeling, take a step back…that can be by reading or walking or cooking. Whatever taking a moment to breathe looks like for you is perfect. And realise life is not a sprint but a marathon. It’s a culmination of tiny moments which come and go like waves. There are highs and lows and everything in between! Yes this moment may suck. But it will pass. It’s important to remember this to maximise the present and get the most out of any “good” or “bad” experience. There are always take away points from any scenario. And I LOVE how you comment how you are going to actively practice changing your thought process on it all. Practice implies self awareness and ongoing (hence the marathon 😌) but you will figure it out. Continue to spread your bright light and love to others ❤️

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