Pixi Haul

Hello Everyone!
Today I am sharing with you guys my first ever “haul”!
 Ok, so here’s my plan (seeing as though I want to do these more often here on F&F): First, I will share with you all the products I purchased. Then, I will come back in a few weeks and share how I have been liking the products with a mini-review. Sound like a good plan?
Let’s get into it!
I had such a hard time choosing which products to buy for this haul, because they all sounded so amazing! I was drawn to the botanical infused ingredients and all of the benefits that they provide your skin. Every time I would read another label, I instantly thought, “I needed that.” #danger As if Target wasn’t a shopping vortex all on it’s own, Pixi alone took me close to 30 minutes! Too may amazing choices! Wanna see my picks?



Here’s what I left with:
*  Brow Tamer  *
I can’t wait to try out these products over the next few weeks!
Do any of you have these products, and if so, what are your thoughts?
Have a lovely day! xx

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4 responses to “Pixi Haul”

  1. Katie Mills says:

    I haven't tried much from Pixi, they're eyeliner is amazing! I love that lip gloss color x

    Beauty From Katie

  2. I've heard of that brand but I've never tried it! Now I need to try it!

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