Print Mixing For Beginners

Print Mixing For Beginners

Hello Everyone!

Print mixing is an art filled with creativity, imagination, & just plain guts. It’s quite difficult to know at times whether different prints or textures play well together or not. I’m not going to pretend that I am an expert on this topic, but I wanted to share with you some of the things I have learned over the past few years about mixing prints. Maybe you will also like to go on this styling journey with me? We can start as beginners today…& soon become pros…? *fingers crossed*

Print Mixing For Beginners

Top / Skirt / Shoes (sold out! similar here) / Denim Jacket (old, similar here) / Hair Bow (similar here & here) / Bag (old, similar here & affordable option here) / Lipstick (shade Oui!)

Print Mixing For Beginners

First of all, in order to style & mix prints, you must own some. Prints can be quite a scary thing to buy because in the back of your mind, there is that fear that, “It won’t match other things”, or “It won’t get enough wear time to be worth the money”. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve also been all the way on the other side of the spectrum where all I did was buy prints…the bolder the better! Now that’s a difficult wardrobe to own. I think it’s best to find some middle ground (& impulse control), & find both prints & non-prints that can fit in your wardrobe seamlessly.

As a beginning print mixer, stripes, florals, & polka dots are where we begin. And with spring just around the corner, what perfect prints to add to your wardrobe (if you don’t have them already!). These prints, for the most part, play well together. The trick is pairing the right size & the right color. As far as size goes, a safe bet is pairing a small print with a large print. In the outfit I’ve styled for this post, I chose a very small printed striped top & paired it with a large floral print skirt. I also could have chosen a bigger striped print top with a small floral print skirt, or a floral top with a striped skirt for that matter.

–  Style tip –

Mix a large print with a small print for easy success. 

The next big task: color. Now, you all know your wardrobe & what colors you wear the most. For me, I tend to wear mostly pinks & blues. Sure I have other colors in my wardrobe (thanks to last year’s fashion goals), but while shopping, it’s good to know what color palette I wear the most. It’s easier to integrate prints & patterns that have similar colors to clothes you already own. If the color thing still seems scary, neutral is always a good route to go.

–   Style tip  –

Neutrals are always winners

In this outfit, you remember, I mixed a white top with tiny light pink stripes with a bold green floral skirt. The bright green seems a bit scary & way too colorful for my comfort zone, but the reason it fits in my wardrobe is because of the shades of pink in the flowers. I knew I had enough white & pink shirts that I could pair with this, & it’s bold print was just the styling challenge I was looking for. A classic denim jacket it the perfect neutral jacket to pair with a bold print. A must have in your spring wardrobe.

–   Style tip  –

Know what colors you wear most. Sticking to patterns in this color palette is a sure fire way to have mixing success.

Print Mixing For Beginners

Print Mixing For Beginners

Felix & Flora approved 

Print Mixing For Beginners

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Print Mixing For Beginners

Feeling a little bit better about your mixing abilities yet?

Go ahead! Try it out? Go shopping or play dress up in your current wardrobe. See what works & what doesn’t. It’s takes some guts, but YOU CAN DO IT!

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Do you feel insecure about mixing prints too? Leave your questions or concerns about print mixing below! Do you want to see me style more pattern mixing outfits? Let me know!

I’ve also started a Print Mixing Outfits Inspo Pinterest board! Follow along!

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  1. I am so not confident enough to mix prints but this post has been so so helpful! I have noticed that mixing of bold red and pinks has become huge right now so I am gonna take the plunge. Lovely post thanks girl!

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