Spring Pamper Routine + Dream Pamper Wishlist


Hello Everyone!
It’s time to share my spring pamper routine with you all.
This routine is not something I do everyday, by any means, but it’s one I try to do at least 2-4 times a month. Not only is this so good for my skin and my body, but it is good for my mind and relaxation as well.Let me take you step-by-step…


  • Relax in warm pink bubbles and catch up on YouTube videos. (I watched this one and this one, FYI.)
  • Apply luxurious sugar scrub to entire body.
  • Rub in this body conditioner, then gently rinse off before exiting the bath.
  • Dry off and rinse off the first mask.
  • Apply nourishing mask #2.
  • Rub this whipped body cream all over my body. (Smells incredible btw!)
  • Then I rub this on…my bum bum. (Upper thighs and stomach as well – keep it firm am I right?)





Voila! Happy skin and relaxed mind. Ready for a cup of my favorite green tea and a few mindless episodes of Friends on Netflix.

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(And check out my dream pamper wishlist below)

I want to add some of these items to my collection for future pamper nights. And I’m feeling a Pacifica haul coming soon…would you guys like to see that?
*      *      *      *      *
I hope you guys have enjoyed this step-by-step bring pamper routine.
What kinds of things do you do to take extra care of your body and mind this time of year? xx

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