Our Valentine’s Day + Celebrating 6 Months Of Marriage

Our Valentine's Day + Celebrating 6 Months Of Marriage

Our Valentine's Day + Celebrating 6 Months Of Marriage

My Forever Valentine

This is our fourth Valentine’s Day together, but this year is the most special of them all. We are officially a family now & since our wedding, our love has only grown. (As cheesy as it sounds…it’s true!) Ben & I wanted to do something special together to celebrate our first married Valentine’s Day, but we had to do it a little bit early this year. I will be performing tonight & the rest of the weekend, so Ben had the great idea of visiting the beautiful Agecroft Hall last weekend. Neither of us had ever been, so we slept in, had cinnamon rolls & coffee, then left at noon to arrive right when the gates opened.

Our Valentine's Day + Celebrating 6 Months Of Marriage
Our Valentine's Day + Celebrating 6 Months Of Marriage

Agecroft Hall

Agecroft Hall is a lovely, Tudor manor house right on the James River located just minutes from our house. Believe it or not, this home was built in the late 15th century in Lancashire, England. Then in the early 20th century it was deconstructed, shipped overseas, & rebuilt. This place is incredible. The details, paintings, elaborate beds & ceilings were magnificent. Not to mention the masterfully laid out gardens. Needless to say, we cannot wait to go back in the spring & summer when the gardens are in full bloom. I hear that in the summer, the also have live Shakespeare performances outside! We had a lovely afternoon on this amazing property & cannot wait to go back.

Our Valentine's Day + Celebrating 6 Months Of Marriage

Our Valentine's Day + Celebrating 6 Months Of Marriage

Our First 6 Months

Ben & I recently celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary. Since our magical wedding day, we’ve travelled to Italy, Ben started a new job, I changed my name, we had both of our families here at home for Christmas, & we’ve worked together as a team on building our life together as well as our finances. We love spending time together & dreaming big dreams for our future. Both of us have mentioned that it is still some much fun calling each other husband & wife. As we were reflecting the other night & talking about the last 6 months of marriage, the same truth rang true in both of our hearts: we’ve never felt more in love. Maybe it’s the honeymoon season, but either way, I love this man & am so thankful we are on this path together.

Our Valentine's Day + Celebrating 6 Months Of Marriage

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Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Hello Everyone!

Sometimes, the gentlemen in our lives can be a bit tricky to buy for, I know from experience. Today, I’ve put together a holiday gift guide for him in which all things have been approved by Ben. He either wants, or already has, everything on this list. Weather you’re looking for a sporty gift, a fashionable gift, an outdoorsy gift, or a techie gift, this gift guide covers it all.

We have been getting together with another couple over the past year or two for game nights, & one of our newest favorite games is Ticket to Ride.

I used this Shiseido face wash a while back, & Ben tried it once & quickly fell in love. It’s all he uses to wash his face now!

Every man needs a pair of bluetooth earbuds. They are perfect for using while working out, doing yard work, commuting, etc. Speaking of working out, if your man likes to box at the gym, check out these great gloves.

Are you really a man if you don’t own a pocket knife or multi-tool?

These very affordable men’s dress shoes know how to make a man look goooooood.

Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Check out all of the Ben Approved items

Holiday Gift Guide For Him:


Holiday Gift Guide For Him


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