Affordable Formal Dresses – What To Look For & Where To Find Them

Affordable Formal Dresses - What To Look For & Where To Find Them

Affordable Formal Dresses - What To Look For & Where To Find Them

Dress Up Time!

Whether it’s prom, a gala, a wedding, or a black tie event, finding the perfect glam look is my jam! And who wants to spend a lot of money on a dress you’ll only wear once or maybe a handful of times if you’re lucky? Don’t get me wrong, you want to look good, & I mean really good. In no way do you want your dress to look cheap or not well made. But how do you know if the dress is going to be good or not when shopping online? I’m here to teach you my tricks. I’m a strong willed, dreamer who is determined to find great quality & affordable prices to create the perfect glam look.

Affordable Formal Dresses - What To Look For & Where To Find Them
Affordable Formal Dresses - What To Look For & Where To Find Them

Affordable Formal Dresses - What To Look For & Where To Find Them

Watch Out For…

Time to become a bit of a detective when it comes to finding the perfect affordable formal dress online. This time of year, most online stores have either a prom section or a bridesmaids section & that is the best way to start. At this point, I can browse all dresses, or I can filter by color, price, or dress length. That way I am only seeing viable options. I do not recommend filtering by size, & you’ll see why in a moment. Once I’ve clicked on a potential dress, here is my checklist to see if it could work for me:

  1. Check sizing – First, I check the size chart & look for areas I know need to fit well. For me, I always check the waist size. Then I chose the appropriate size with the correct waist size & see if it’s in stock. If it is, then I check…
  2. Model info – Most websites now have information about the model wearing the dress in the photo that is so helpful when wondering if the dress will fit you well. Usually the information listed contains some of her dimensions & what size she is wearing in the photo. If she happens to be wearing the same size as I’m hoping to buy, I look at how it fits on her & try to envision what it would look like on me. For instance, I have smaller boobs & broader shoulders, so I look to see if those things specific to my body would work in this dress. It’s also important to look at the height of the model to determine if this would be a good length for me, or if I would have to get it hemmed.
  3. Is it see through? – The majority of the time, if I look close enough to the photos, I can determine whether they are see through or not, but if I have the option to watch a video of the dress (like I know you can on ASOS), I always take advantage of it.
  4. The wow factor – I believe that if you’re looking for a formal dress, it needs some sort of wow factor. The dress must either be flowing, figure flattering, embellished, or have an interesting silhouette. Then I zoom in & inspect the details.

Where To Begin

My favorite place to shop for affordable formal dresses is ASOS. They do great sales, have amazing customer service, & provide the easiest free returns I’ve ever seen. They also provide video for all of their clothes so that you are able to see how they move, which can be make or break for me. I have no fear when ordering from them, because I know returning something is a piece of cake. Other great places I’ve found for good quality, affordable formal dresses are Forever 21, Chicwish, & Akira. As long as I go through my checklist, I always find the perfect glam dress. (Scroll down to see some of my favorite affordable dresses & hover over the photo to see the price.)

Affordable Formal Dresses - What To Look For & Where To Find Them
Affordable Formal Dresses - What To Look For & Where To Find Them

Shop Affordable Formal Dresses

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Fall Makeup

Fall Makeup

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been dying to share some of my fall makeup favorites with you guys!  These faves include a few lipsticks, eye products, & a new blush that I have been absolutely living in recently. It’s so fun to change up your makeup looks when the seasons change. This fall, I’m loving berry tones & deep red lips with jewel tone eyes & glistening cheeks. These products are just heavenly…let’s dive in!

Fall Makeup

Fall Makeup

I would have to say that this blush/lipstick combo is my perfect quintessential fall look. This Mary Kay lipstick in the shade Midnight Red has been my most worn lipstick over the past few weeks, & with good reason. First off, the color is just gorgeous. It’s the perfect matte bold lip. They advertise this as a semi-matte lip, but I find that it’s quite matte, just a comfortable matte. This product is effortless to wear, & I love that the formula does not dry out my lips! Thank you!

Now, when I first saw this blush, I couldn’t stop gasping! It’s in the shade Golden Copper, & if that doesn’t already scream fall…I don’t know what does! This product has amazing pigmentation & color pay-off, & blends like a dream. It’s so nice to have a blush that you know when you put it on in the morning, that it’s going to last the entire day.*

Fall Makeup

Fall Makeup

I purchased this lipstick a few years ago while dancing on tour, & every year around this time, I get so exciting to bring it back out. This dreamy, berry toned lip is none other than the Too Faced Melted Fig. I have nothing bad to say about this product. I love the application, the wear, the feel, & I get compliments on it every single time I wear it! It really has a way of effortlessly completing a look.

This bold matte lip is slightly brighter than the Mary Kay product mentioned above. I believe this Maybelline lipstick in the shade Divine Wine goes best with blue eyes. Whenever I wear this product, I feel like it truly makes my features pop. If you’re a fellow blue-eyed girl, this lipstick is one you need in your collection, & for under $6…you really can’t beat it!


Some other honorable mentions include my all time favorite copper eyeliner that actually stays in my waterline, my navy eyeliner to define my eyes (though softer than black), & my favorite fall Marc Jacobs lipstick in Headliner. I also love adding a little bit of a glow to my skin to freshen up my face on chiller days with the bronze shade in this glow kit. All I need is a very light dusting to top off your bronzer, & I’m radiant, & ready for the day.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If so, let me know in the comments below!

What are your favorite fall makeup products? Have you tried any of mine? xx

*These products were given to me by Mary Kay, but the thoughts & reviews are my own. To purchase these products, or find out more about Mary Kay, head over to my friend, Sabrina’s, page. Click here!

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