A Touch Of Sparkle

A Touch Of Sparkle

A Touch Of Sparkle
A Touch Of Sparkle

The Look I’m Loving

You know that perfect outfit you own that you can wear to grab brunch with your girlfriends? Now imagine that look gently sprinkled with touches of sparkle. Do you smile at the thought of that like I do? I just love a little shimmer! Personally, at the moment I’m not into wearing necklaces, but items on my radar include earrings, bracelets, rings, hair accessories, & even hand bags. I am on the hunt to find the best affordable sparkly bits. These little pretties know how to catch people’s eyes & elevate any look.

A Touch Of Sparkle
A Touch Of Sparkle

My 3 Favorite Styles


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I love bows. The more the merrier. Bow earrings add the sweetest feminine statement to a look. For dramatic shine, these long black bow earrings easily pair with any outfit. My smaller white bow earrings are a great dupe for the Oscar de la Renta bow earrings. When I don’t want anything flashy, my gold bow studs are the perfect go-to earrings.

Gold + Stars

I’ve had my second piercing done for years now, but I don’t always take advantage of it. I’m really into the look of huggie earrings (dainty gold earrings that “hug” your ear) layered up on the ear. Especially if they are asymmetrical! The star + moon set I’m wearing in these photos is one of my favorite sets at the moment. On the other side, the star & moon are reversed! I also have this larger pair of affordable star + moon earrings that are great for making a statement. Earrings that are asymmetrical like this are also seen from some of my favorite designers such as Dior, Gucci, & Oscar de la Renta.

(Shoutout to my Dior Studded Lady Bag dupe that’s under $20!!!)

Another great way to add a touch of sparkle to your look is with bracelets & rings. I’m typically drawn to items that are mostly gold with a few sparkles thrown in the mix. Like this dainty nautical charm bracelet I’m wearing here. Old school charm bracelets are making a come back you guys! Time to whip out your old ones or find new affordable ones such as this. There is something so satisfying to having a little jingle on your wrist.


It’s no secret that I love love love pearls right now. And how could I not? They are everywhere right now & so perfectly feminine. Designers like Jennifer Behr are influencing the accessories scene in a major way. Her use of pearls in bows, headbands, & clips for your hair is just stunning. Ever since seeing her work, I’ve been searching for similar pieces that give that same feel, but at a more affordable price point. This pearl headband (also seen here) is one of those pieces, & I can’t stop wearing it! Also pearl hair clips like these & these are so gorgeous & are currently on my shopping list. As far as earrings go, some trending pearl pieces include these pearl heart earrings (under $5) (worn here), & these super fun shell + pearl statement earrings.

A Touch Of Sparkle
A Touch Of Sparkle

Shop These Bits For A Touch Of Sparkle

A Touch Of Sparkle

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Literally Counting My Blessings

For Good

Literally Counting My Blessings
Literally Counting My Blessings

Counting My Blessings

For close to 10 years now, the idea of counting my blessings has been a very tangible concept for me. The ritual of writing down blessing by blessing & saying thanks for even the smallest of things is a process near & dear to my heart. Even though it’s a ritual I truly love, it’s something that quickly becomes forgotten during the hustle & bustle of everyday life. Then, my husband made a speech at our wedding (see it here) in which he mentioned that in that moment, on our wedding day, he found himself literally counting his blessings. Hearing him say that really sparked in me a desire to be better about making this small ritual of gratitude each day more of a priority. I’ve kept the same gratitude journal for the past 8 years & I’ve decided to read through it again & make more of an effort to keep it up.

Literally Counting My Blessings
Literally Counting My Blessings
Literally Counting My Blessings
Literally Counting My Blessings

Bits From My List

10. The ability to be quiet & listen

13. Laughter

23. Pretty desserts

27. Children copying art at the Guggenheim 

47. Injury causes me to rest

52. Warm quilt to cuddle up in

56. Nice waiters in long white aprons at Le Pain Quotidien

57. Perfect foam swirl in coffee

73. Outfit compliments

82. Memories captured by cameras

89. Variety

99. Sparkles

107. Swaying trees in the OK wind

116. Fearless singing

130. Crisp fall air

137. Chips & queso feel like home

141. Yogi tea inspiration

144. Honesty between friends

145. Written encouragement from old journals

147. Clarity in writing

161. Smiles from Ben through the window

173. Unexpected friends

177. Lipstick on cups

178. Living in a gorgeous city

Literally Counting My Blessings
Literally Counting My Blessings
Literally Counting My Blessings
Literally Counting My Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all are having a lovely thanksgiving & are spending some great time with loved ones. Seeing as though this holiday season can be quite crazy & a bit “go, go, go”, I challenge you to remember to actively take the time to be thankful for the little things around you. Be beauty seekers. If you feel like you need a bit more inspiration on this topic of gratitude & beauty seeking, I highly recommend you read the book, One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I would even say it’s my very favorite book! A perfect easy read for this holiday season.

Literally Counting My Blessings

Outfit Details

Burgundy Wrap Dress, Pink Sweater, Cape Coat, Knot Headband, Ballet Flats, Gloves, Lipstick

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RVA Fall Flavors: @ Can Can

48 Hours In Richmond Guide

RVA Fall Flavors @ Can Can

Hello Everyone!

It’s time for my second RVA Fall Flavors!

I have gone to the beloved Can Can twice recently to test out some of their seasonal drinks, & I have no doubt that I will be back again soon. They are offering 5 fall drinks right now, & the two I have tried have been absolutely delicious.

My first choice was the Harvest French Press. I have to admit, I’ve had this before, & it’s now an all time favorite of mine. My boyfriend even loves it! They have a small & large option which is perfect for either going solo or sharing with a friend (or date). For me, it’s perfectly sweetened & spiced to add just a splash of cream & call it good. Such a special fall treat!

For my second choice, I ordered the Maple Spiced Chai, & it surly didn’t disappoint! I love a good chai latte, & the hint of maple was just divine. I will say, if you don’t love sweet drinks, this might not be your go-to, but I quite enjoyed it on my lovely Sunday morning brunch date.

My sweet treat of choice with both drinks was a chocolate croissant. This was not a seasonal treat, but a good year round choice that I just couldn’t resist.

Can Can Brunch Date

Sweater / Skirt / Scarf / Sunnies / Shoes / Bag / Lipstick

Can Can

Seasonal Drinks

Maple Spiced Chai @ Can Can

Fall Flavors: Harvest French Press

I hope you enjoyed this post! If so, tell me about it in the comments below! I’m really looking to build a community here on F&F, & I love getting to chat with guys in the comments! Have you been to Can Can? Have you tried these treats? Have you tried something similar to these in your hometown? Let me know! I want to hear from you! 🙂

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Bastille Day

Today is Bastille Day! You can read more about what that is here and here.
I have been dying to go to Paris recently! It looks so beautiful and classy and everyone says that Paris changes you.  That’s the kind of adventure I want to take on.  Well…someday:)
Last night, my friends danced at a cute French restaurant in Carytown called, Can Can, to kick off the Bastille Day celebration.  They were amazing! Danced on top of the bar and everything.  
We had a great time chatting and laughing and celebrating the French way.
If I could take a trip anywhere in the world, Paris would be my destination. Hands down. I’m so inspired by the lifestyle there as well as the fashion, coffee, pastries, and wine.  Everything looks picture perfect. Dreamy.  Starting to learn some of the basics in the French language so I can be ready for my dream trip.
Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world right now? Why is that place attractive to you?