My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

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My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

Quality time is definitely one of my love languages, & it’s safe to say that I love spending time with my fiancé. I never get tired of being with him, & good thing since we are promising our forevers to each other in less than 80 days! This fiancé season has been so special to me. I’ve loved continually growing closer & dreaming of what our future together will look like. He is my best friend, & whether we are out on the town, or watching Netflix at home, we always have a good time as long as we are together.

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

Pizza Parties

One of our favorite things to do together is have a good ole pizza party. We love a classic pepperoni pizza with cheesy breadsticks if getting delivery, or our newest frozen pizza from Kroger is the White Chicken Pizza. So good! We fill our plates, grab our drink of choice (mine: any fruit juice with Prosecco, his: a tall glass of Cabernet Sauvignon), & head to the couch to watch our show. Right now, we are on the 5th season of The Blacklist & would highly recommend watching this if you haven’t. This is one of the best shows we’ve ever watched. Another show we both really loved is White Collar. I mean who doesn’t love Matt Bomer?! We are always on the hunt for another show to start watching, so if you have any recommendations for us, leave them in the comments below!

Dancing Together

Ben & I met while we were dancing professionally with the Richmond Ballet, so it’s only natural that one of our favorite things to do together is dance. We love dancing together at weddings & events, but we even dance at home on the daily. Sometimes, we will put on our favorite Frank Sinatra record (the one with our song for our first dance at our wedding), & slow dance in the living room. Honestly though, most of our dancing is the fun, silly kind that just makes us laugh. We do love to laugh. I know that dancing will always be a special part of our home & our family.

Spending Time Outdoors

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, we love spending time together outdoors. We both love working in the gardens together & seeing our plants grow & thrive with each new season. Some of our favorites we’ve planted include hydrangeas, pink peonies, snapdragons, & a quickly growing crape myrtle tree. We love being able to clip fresh flowers & bring them inside.

When the weather is nice, we love to cook out & sit by a bonfire in our homemade fire pit. There is something that is so mesmerizing about a fire. I find that it always brings about the best topics of conversation as well.

We also love to take our cute puppy, Luna, on nature walks. Richmond is just so beautiful & covered with trees,plants, & rivers that she loves to explore. I never thought I would be such a dog lover, but this little lady has totally stolen my heart. We love having her in our little family.

Being Us

Every couple has their quirks. Those things that are most personal & therefore extra special to you as a couple. We love to sing with each other, not because we think we are good (because we’re not), but either to laugh or to remember a memory tied to a song. Ben is also a genius when it comes to nicknames. I’m getting quite good at it now that I’ve been with him for a while, but hearing the most creative things come out of his mouth just amazes me. Whether he is coming up with a new nickname for me, our pets, or any random household object, it’s sure to make me smile every day.

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

Above everything else, we love to support each other. We are partners, dreamers, hand holders, & fighters through & through. I love being his fiancé, but I can’t wait to be his wife!

What are some of your favorite things to do with your SO?

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