We Went On A Fall Adventure

We Went On A Fall Adventure

We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure

It’s Simple, I Love Fall

I always get so excited when I start to see the first signs of fall. The leaves are finally starting to change & the air is crisp & my outfits are beginning to add layer after layer of color & warmth. I can also tell that it’s officially fall when all I want to listen to is Taylor Swift’s Red album. That album is so nostalgic to me & always brings me back to fall in the City. I personally think that her song, All Too Well, is the best song she has ever written. Goosebumps every time. But back to fall, Ben & I were so excited to finally dive into full fall mode, that we decided to make a day out of it & road trip to the Ashland Berry Farm.

We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

On our drive out to the farm, we talked about our favorite things we each love about fall. For me, I love the warm & spicy scents & flavors, but it’s mostly about the fashion. I love layering & mixing in my fall accessories like boots, berets, & scarves. This makes an outfit so much more rich & put together in my opinion. Of course, I totally jump on the pumpkin band wagon as well! I’m always down for a good ole pumpkin latte or pumpkin bread & if you follow my Instagram stories, you’ll know that Ben & I have been doing at home Sunday brunch which has recently included things like pumpkin pancakes & Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Rolls. They are amazing! 

Ben talked about how he loves the cool air of fall. He is just warm by nature & was born & raised in Maine, so cold days are his jam. Another big part of fall for him is football season seeing as though he is a big Patriot’s fan. I’ve grown to enjoy watching the games too, although I must admit that it’s usually half watching & half online shopping…:) Ben also loves a good pumpkin latte but he likes them iced. In fact, on our first date, Ben brought pumpkin lattes for the both of us to have before seeing an exhibit at a local museum. Pumpkin lattes have a special place in our hearts because they in a way take us back to that very first date. 

We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure

“That’s Actually A Gourd”

When we arrived to the farm, we took a hay ride out to the pumpkin fields. We made it our mission to find the best pumpkins. Ben, of course, spotted them immediately & then also found the cutest & tiniest pumpkin I have ever seen. On our ride back to the entrance of the farm, we showed one of the workers our tiny pumpkin, to which he quickly corrected us saying, “That’s not a pumpkin, it’s actually a gourd.” Well, ok then. So we decided to name it Gordon & it sits on our coffee table & makes us smile daily. Oh, Gordon…

Once we got back, we knew we couldn’t leave without getting some apple cider & homemade donuts. It was my first cider of the season & I have been hooked on Trader Joe’s amazing cider every since. We got 6 small donuts thinking that we would take some home for later, but found ourselves loving them so much that we ate them all right then & there. They were so delicious! We already can’t wait to go back next year.

We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure
We Went On A Fall Adventure

Outfit Details

Quintessential Tall Brown Boots (under $45!), Madewell Jeans, White Top from H&M, Olive Green Bag, Houndstooth Blazer (Goodwill find! Similar here & more affordable here), Lipstick in shade Cruella, Gal Meets Glam Logo Scarf as Belt

What are some of your favorite things about this lovely fall season? What do you look forward to each year? xx


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DIY Pinecone Garland

Hello Everyone!

I’ve lived in the same little house in RVA for about a year & a half now, & one of my favorite things about it is the mini forest in the backyard: trees, flowers, vines, & in the fall…so many pinecones! Last year, I gathered up a large collection of them to help decorate my house for the season. I made a very simple & festive pinecone garland, to hang on the hutch in my living room.

This year, I gathered another round of pinecones, only this time, I helped my friend, Melissa make one for her house.

To make this lovely fall decor, you need the following:

30-60 Pinecones (depending on how long you want it to be)



*Optional: Hot Cider & Netflix

All you have to do is measure out how long you want your garland to be with the twine, leaving a few extra inches at the end for hanging purposes. Lay it flat, then cut several pieces of twine about 6 inches long. These smaller pieces will then wrap around the base of the pinecone, & attach to the long anchor piece. When wrapping the smaller twine around the pinecone, tie it in a double knot, then double knot that onto the anchor. Repeat this with all of the pinecones, making sure to slide the knots on the anchor as close together as possible to allow the pinecones to look clustered.

A couple cups of cider later, & you’re done! It’s so simple! What a fun way to add a natural fall touch to your home.

How do you like to decorate your home for fall? Do you have any fun DIY projects I should try? Leave them in the comment below!

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