The Pink & Parisienne Valentine

The Pink & Parisienne Valentine

The Pink & Parisienne Valentine

Pretending I Live In Paris

When you think of Paris, what comes to your mind? For me, it’s romance, effortless style, hours at the café down the street, & beautiful buildings everywhere. Even the word, Paris, has a dreamy feeling to it. This Valentine’s Day, why not pretend you’re in “The City Of Love” for the evening? Bring that Parisienne romance & effortless style wherever you will be spending Valentine’s Day this year. What kind of date will the pink & Parisienne valentine go on & what will she wear?

The Pink & Parisienne Valentine
The Pink & Parisienne Valentine

What She Wears

The pink & Parisienne valentine wears the most effortlessly chic item of clothing: the classic wrap dress. It’s pink, feminine, comfortable to wear, & universally flattering. A dress like this is perfect to wear out to eat since it does a great job of hiding any food babies one might acquire.

To give this feminine dress a bit of an edge, she wears her tall burgundy boots with her matching beret & crossbody bag. She looks put together, feminine, & still has that Parisienne woman mystery to her. The final touches to her look include a faux fur coat draped over her shoulders, the perfect matte lipstick, a small pair of earrings, & a little shimmer on her eyes.

The Date She Goes On

I imagine the couple going out to a jazz club for dinner, drinks, & incredible live music. They talk about their passions, people watch, & even get up & dance, if the music is just right. Once they’ve had their fill of people for the night, they stop for a sweet treat, which if she were me would be ice cream. They then return home for an evening of wine, French film watching (try Amélie), & romance.

The Pink & Parisienne Valentine
The Pink & Parisienne Valentine

The Pink & Parisienne Valentine
The Pink & Parisienne Valentine

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Bastille Day

Today is Bastille Day! You can read more about what that is here and here.
I have been dying to go to Paris recently! It looks so beautiful and classy and everyone says that Paris changes you.  That’s the kind of adventure I want to take on.  Well…someday:)
Last night, my friends danced at a cute French restaurant in Carytown called, Can Can, to kick off the Bastille Day celebration.  They were amazing! Danced on top of the bar and everything.  
We had a great time chatting and laughing and celebrating the French way.
If I could take a trip anywhere in the world, Paris would be my destination. Hands down. I’m so inspired by the lifestyle there as well as the fashion, coffee, pastries, and wine.  Everything looks picture perfect. Dreamy.  Starting to learn some of the basics in the French language so I can be ready for my dream trip.
Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world right now? Why is that place attractive to you?