Beauty Room Tour!

Beauty Room Tour!

Beauty Room Tour!
Beauty Room Tour!
Beauty Room Tour!

Taking The Next Step

I knew I needed to take the next step in my blogging & content creating, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what that looked like. My husband must have been reading my mind when he suggested that I take over our office in order to create more possibilities for my business. He is the biggest supporter of my dreams. I am one lucky lady! After that conversation, I spent the next few weeks dreaming up what is now my beauty room! This space has already been so great for my blog & my creativity. I can’t wait to see all the possibilities that arise because of this dreamy space.

Beauty Room Tour!
Beauty Room Tour!
Beauty Room Tour!
Beauty Room Tour!

My Secret Garden

Seeing as though my brand’s name is Felix & Flora, I wanted this room to feel like a garden. My own secret garden. I do have some real plants, like the ones hanging in these gorgeous pots we got from our wedding registry, but I also added some faux garlands for more texture. The wisteria that frames the window reminds me of my trip to Charleston which gave me so much inspiration for this room. Another huge source of inspiration for me was my trip to Italy. I loved seeing how flowers, vines, & greenery dressed every nook & cranny. Therefore, I mixed a greenery garland with a white dogwood bloom garland to dress my wardrobe. I love how dreamy these garlands make the entire room feel. It’s amazing how being surrounded by flowers brings me so much joy.

Statement Pieces

The two biggest purchases necessary to complete my beauty room were my large mirror & my wooden wardrobe. I researched these pieces for quite some time searching for the best deals. My mirror was a must-have item so that I could share more try-ons & ootd pics more regularly. I found some really great offers on Wayfair & ended up purchasing mine during their semi-annual sale which saved me quite a bit of money. This wardrobe was perfect for my beauty room not only because of it’s amazing price, but for how sturdy it is. I love that it’s made of wood rather than metal giving it a more cozy vibe. The shelves on the side are great for extra storage as well as displaying some of my favorite accessories.

Other great pieces I’ve added to this room are my sheer curtains. They still let a lot of natural light in which I love & tie up in a bow for a romantic & feminine touch. My white floating shelf is now home to some of my daily beauty products, but it’s also great for shooting shelfies. I added some new art to the room like this whimsical blue & white piece that is currently on sale! Finding creative ways to hang & display things added my own personal touch on this room. It’s so me & I love love love it!

Room To Grow

This room is “finished” for now, but I already have ideas for the future! I want to paint the long wooden cubes white & cover the top with a really lovely botanical print like this one. Also, I want to add more plants to the room. There can never be enough! I’m really picky about rugs, but when I find the right one, I think a nice rug with navy accents in it & an emerald green pouf chair would go perfectly in my secret garden in the future.

Beauty Room Tour!
Beauty Room Tour!
Beauty Room Tour!
Beauty Room Tour!

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Wedding Wednesday: Getting Organized

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Organized

Hello Everyone!

I asked you guys in an Instagram stories poll if you would like to see some wedding posts here on F&F before the big day, & 100% who voted said yes! So here we are, starting a new series rightfully called: Wedding Wednesday. With our special day quickly approaching (less than 150 days!), I am working on getting organized & staying on track with the budget & the timeline. I have dreamed about planning my wedding for as long as I can remember, & now that it’s here…I’m finding that it requires a lot of organization. That right there is not really my forte, but I’ve found that with the proper tools, wedding planning can be fun & stress-free.

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Organized
Wedding Wednesday: Getting Organized

I am very picky about planners. I tend to just write all over the pages instead of following their prompts because I feel like I need something different. As my search began for a wedding planner, I felt very unsatisfied by the selection I was seeing. Therefore, when I was contacted by Kayla aka The Internet’s Maid of Honor to try out her system of planning, I was delighted to give it a try. She made this planner after she got married because she felt the same dissatisfaction as I did, so I hoped this would be just what I needed.

Guys. it’s perfect! Not only is it so helpful & well thought out, but it’s beautifully laid out on page after page in such a way that I know I will love looking back on it even after the wedding! It’s such a great tool to help keep me on track with deadlines & to know what comes next. Also, it let’s you dream & document your inspiration process which is oh-so important to me.

 Let me show you how I use it…

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Organized

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Wedding Wednesday: Getting Organized

Instead of binding my pages like a book, I chose to keep them in a clip-folio. It’s a clipboard on the front, where I display current to-dos & inspo, as well as a pocket for my other pages & notepad on the inside. I’ve loved this setup. It’s easy to use & beautifully displays everything. Wedding Wednesday: Getting Organized

The Pages

The entire planner is over 200 pages long! Which is amazing! One of the best things about this planner is that you are able to pick & choose which page you really want to use & order them in a way that makes sense to you. It’s printable, so if you need multiple of any particular sheet, you are able to have as many as you need! For example, there are wellness sheets that help you track your food, fitness, water intake, etc., that I have printed out specifically for the week of the wedding to ensure I’m taking care of myself during the preparations. But, if you wanted them for the duration of your engagement, you could use them daily or weekly or as a goals sheet monthly.

There are lots of blank sheets with headlines for inspo in a variety of categories. On these pages, instead of writing or drawing my thoughts, I decided to cut out inspiring photos from all the magazines I’ve been flipping through over the past few months & create mood boards, if you will, for each category. Not only is it so fun to do, but it’s so nice to have visuals right there in front of you while you’re planning.

My Favorite Planning Pages

Day of Tasks

Beauty Inspo

Honeymoon Planning & Packing

Floral Inspo (with flowers broken down by color!)

Every question you need to ask each vendor

Hashtag Helper

Monthly to-dos

& so much more!

(She literally thought of everything!)

How To Get Your Hands On One Of These Game Changing Planners

Head on over to The Internet’s Maid of Honor to purchase your binder, or choose from a few smaller packages as well. The full thing is only $27, which is such a steal! If you are getting married soon or are looking for a super helpful gift to give a friend or family member who is getting married soon, I have a discount code to help you save a couple of dollars off as well! Type in FELIX&FLORA3 at the checkout to shave three extra dollars off your purchase. It doesn’t get any better than that!

I won’t have this code forever, so get your wedding planner discount while it’s here! Cause you know, when planning a wedding, EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS! (am I right?!)

Wedding Wednesday: Getting Organized

Are you a fellow bride to be? Let me know in the comments below! What do you use to keep yourself organized?

Already married? What advice on wedding planning do you have to give? xx

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How Do You Treat Your Clothes?

Hello Everyone!
I decided to challenge myself to take better care of my clothing and accessories. More often than I’d like to admit my room looks like the picture below. Totally not ok. I have spent my hard earned money on these beautiful garments I clothe myself in every single day, & they end up on the floor in a pile. Disgusting. I knew it was time to make a change, & I recruited a few items to help me out.
steamerlint rollersweater shaver, & a garment rack were just the tools I needed for a fresh start.
My sweaters desperately needed a facelift. They were starting to pill & were undoubtably covered with the hair from our two cats & dog (as you can see^^^). Using the sweater shaver & lint roller, unveiled new & refreshed sweaters ready to get me through the chilly nights of spring.


I purchased this inexpensive garment rack to display items I’m particularly inspired by, outfits I’ve already prepared for events, or, in this case, travel outfit planning. There is something so satisfying about putting beauty on display, & this certainly does the trick. It’s a helpful reminder that these pieces are meant to be worn & treasured.



I haven’t finished yet, but my goal is to go through & steam every article of clothing so they are ready to wear at a moment’s notice. That means no more piles. No more being unable to wear something because it’s now wrinkled from sitting on the floor. & from now on, shoes go from the rack, to my feet, & then directly back to the rack! Why is this so hard?!


The last change I made was emptying out ALL of my purses. Now I know where all of my bobby pins have been hiding! No more just throwing random crap into my nice purses, & when I want to change purses, I must TAKE EVERYTHING OUT. No more losing a favorite lipstick only to find it in the purse I was wearing the week before.
Do you do these things too?
What kind of things do you do to show your clothes some extra love? xx
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