Q&A: Fashion Dilemmas

Q&A: Fashion Dilemmas

You Ask, I Answer

I asked you guys on Instagram a while back what your fashion dilemmas were. Whether they were about styling or shopping, I gathered a few of the best questions to answer for you here today! Let’s see if we can solve some of your fashion dilemmas…

Q&A: Fashion Dilemmas
Q: “Packing for a trip is always difficult. How can I be stylish without bringing too many items?”

A: Packing for a trip is definitely a challenge, but it can be really run too! My biggest tip for this dilemma is to stick with a color palette.

Think about where you are going & in what season. What colors will either go nicely with your surroundings or fit that season well? Sticking to a color palette of 3-4 colors that all go together will ensure you will be able to mix & match the items you pack for your trip. Also, be realistic when it comes to shoes. Shoes can often take up so much room in a suitcase, so if you won’t actually wear them, don’t bring them.

Q: “What tips do you have for accessorizing with scarves for the upcoming fall season?”

A: Wearing scarves is one of my favorite ways to accessorize during the fall season. They are so versatile & there are so many ways to personalize your look with them.

Square silk scarves & bandanas are my go-to’s for an effortlessly put together look. I like to fold two opposing corners into the center & then roll the folded ends together. Then I tie the scarf around my neck in a simple knot. This floral silk scarf is the newest in my collection & is under $10! Its colors will perfectly go with so many looks I’m planning for the fall season.

Long silk scarves like this burgundy one I recently added to my collection, are another great layering piece. I like to fold & roll the larger scarves just as I would with the smaller square ones, but then I will either leave them draped around my neck untied, tied in a loose knot at my sternum level, or tied in a bow around my neck. Unless it’s really cold, I like to reserve lighter scarves such as these for the fall & my thicker wool, blanket scarves for the winter season.

Q: “My fashion dilemma: How can I explore new trends without compromising my personal style/aesthetic?”

A: This is a tricky question, because certain trends can often clash with your style or aesthetic. I would again bring it back to color.

Take the animal print trend for instance. I personally do not wear black very often, yet many times, animal prints come in black or are in combination with black in the print. However, finding items like this green croc-style round bag or these feminine blush, croc-style block heels can make this trend fit in with my personal style.

If you are wanting to try out a new trend, try finding pieces that display that trend in colors already found in your current wardrobe. Also, I highly recommend finding “trendy” pieces at stores with affordable prices so that if you don’t end up getting on with them, then at least you haven’t spent loads of money on them.

Q: “I love the prices at online shops like Shein, but I’m nervous about purchasing from them. Is it safe?”

A: The short answer is, yes.

I have actually been shopping on sites like Shein for quite a while now & 99% of the time I have been happy with the products I have purchased. One of the main tips I have when shopping on sites like this is to avoid items not worn by a model. I always like to see what something actually looks like on a human before buying it. That way I can see how it hangs & fits on the model & can make a guess based off the measurements given in the description as to whether or not it would fit me well.

Shein Items In My Current Wardrobe:

Shein Items On My Wishlist:


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Frequently Asked Beauty Questions


Beauty Questions

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been getting a lot of beauty related questions recently, so I decided to do a little roundup & answer some of them.

Which comes first, foundation or concealer?

One thing that I love about makeup is that so much of it is up to your personal interpretation. That being said, I don’t think there is a right or wrong way. I personally prefer to apply my foundation before my concealer. The reason I choose to apply my makeup this way is that I like to apply my concealer in a lighter shade to not only conceal, but also to highlight & brighten my face.

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?

I would love to say that I clean them once a week…but if I’m honest, I typically deep clean my brushes about once every 3-4 weeks. My very favorite product to use when cleaning my makeup brushes & sponges (let’s be real…my one & only sponge: get 25% off with code FELIXANDFLORA25) is the Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser. It’s the only cleanser I have found that totally removes all traces of makeup, fully restoring each brush & sponge to it’s original color. When I don’t have time for a deep clean, but I need a quick spot clean, I use the Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaning spray. This gets the job right away & dries almost instantly! This should not be used instead of a deep clean, but it can prolong the time span between each cleanse.

What order do you apply your powder products?

1. Under eye setting powder

2. All over face powder

3. Bronzer

4. Highlighter

5. Blush

Are primers necessary?

Honestly, on a daily basis I don’t use actual primers. I let my morning serum & moisturizer act as my makeup primer. On night’s when I go out, or for special events, I like to use my Guerlain primer to help plump & firm my skin. It’s like magic! I think there is some value to using pore blurring primers, but I tend to skip that step. On very special occasions where I know there will be pictures taken, I will use an eyeshadow primer like this one or this one to ensure my eye look will last the whole night.

How do you make your makeup last all day?

I get this question a lot! I have been using the same setting spray for a couple of years now. Ben actually gave to me as a birthday present, & I’ve been loyal to it ever since. This setting spray is not only organic, but it’s cruelty free & under $12! It does such a great job of melding my powder products for a more natural look as well as prolonging wear of my makeup.


Thanks for your questions! Keep them coming!

I hope this post was helpful! xx

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