My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

What I’m Wearing

Chambray Top (Old, similar here) // Olive Denim Shorts (Old, similar here) // Gorgeous New Scarf // Red Ballerinas (another version here) // Earrings // Lipstick in Shade 02

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

Quality time is definitely one of my love languages, & it’s safe to say that I love spending time with my fiancé. I never get tired of being with him, & good thing since we are promising our forevers to each other in less than 80 days! This fiancé season has been so special to me. I’ve loved continually growing closer & dreaming of what our future together will look like. He is my best friend, & whether we are out on the town, or watching Netflix at home, we always have a good time as long as we are together.

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

Pizza Parties

One of our favorite things to do together is have a good ole pizza party. We love a classic pepperoni pizza with cheesy breadsticks if getting delivery, or our newest frozen pizza from Kroger is the White Chicken Pizza. So good! We fill our plates, grab our drink of choice (mine: any fruit juice with Prosecco, his: a tall glass of Cabernet Sauvignon), & head to the couch to watch our show. Right now, we are on the 5th season of The Blacklist & would highly recommend watching this if you haven’t. This is one of the best shows we’ve ever watched. Another show we both really loved is White Collar. I mean who doesn’t love Matt Bomer?! We are always on the hunt for another show to start watching, so if you have any recommendations for us, leave them in the comments below!

Dancing Together

Ben & I met while we were dancing professionally with the Richmond Ballet, so it’s only natural that one of our favorite things to do together is dance. We love dancing together at weddings & events, but we even dance at home on the daily. Sometimes, we will put on our favorite Frank Sinatra record (the one with our song for our first dance at our wedding), & slow dance in the living room. Honestly though, most of our dancing is the fun, silly kind that just makes us laugh. We do love to laugh. I know that dancing will always be a special part of our home & our family.

Spending Time Outdoors

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, we love spending time together outdoors. We both love working in the gardens together & seeing our plants grow & thrive with each new season. Some of our favorites we’ve planted include hydrangeas, pink peonies, snapdragons, & a quickly growing crape myrtle tree. We love being able to clip fresh flowers & bring them inside.

When the weather is nice, we love to cook out & sit by a bonfire in our homemade fire pit. There is something that is so mesmerizing about a fire. I find that it always brings about the best topics of conversation as well.

We also love to take our cute puppy, Luna, on nature walks. Richmond is just so beautiful & covered with trees,plants, & rivers that she loves to explore. I never thought I would be such a dog lover, but this little lady has totally stolen my heart. We love having her in our little family.

Being Us

Every couple has their quirks. Those things that are most personal & therefore extra special to you as a couple. We love to sing with each other, not because we think we are good (because we’re not), but either to laugh or to remember a memory tied to a song. Ben is also a genius when it comes to nicknames. I’m getting quite good at it now that I’ve been with him for a while, but hearing the most creative things come out of his mouth just amazes me. Whether he is coming up with a new nickname for me, our pets, or any random household object, it’s sure to make me smile every day.

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

My Fav Things To Do With My Fiancé

Above everything else, we love to support each other. We are partners, dreamers, hand holders, & fighters through & through. I love being his fiancé, but I can’t wait to be his wife!

What are some of your favorite things to do with your SO?

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Friday Five – All Things Rose

Hello Everyone!

Man, it feels like forever since my last Friday Five! I hope you all are having a great week so far. I wanted to leave this post for you today, while I am currently on a bus heading to the Outer Banks for my first tour stop of the season. (Follow me on tour via my Instagram story!) Over the moon just thinking about performing again.

But back to this post…it’s no secret that this summer my love for rose scented things has exploded. Today I have gathered up some of my favorite products for you & I want to specifically talk about five stand outs.

1. Rose Oil Blend

This product is a holy grail in my skincare routine. I use this oil every 3 days mixed into my night cream for extra moisture. This oil is such a perfect match for my skin. I always look forward to using this beautiful product. (Btw, updated skincare routine coming soon.)

2. Roses Candle

I purchased this candle in Paris earlier this summer, & boy is it dreamy! It’s the perfect floral scent that fills the entire room. The best part…the smell lingers without even being lit! Such a great addition to my desk.

3. Rose Hibiscus Facial Mist

This mist is my go-to when my face just needs that extra something. The mister on this bottle is perfection, as long as you hold your breath while spraying. It’s hydrating without leaving any residue on the skin, & the scent…to die for!

4. Metallic Rose Gloss

This gloss is my secret weapon. It’s such a gorgeous shade of pink with the perfect amount of shimmer. You can always find this gloss in my purse because it instantly dresses up any outfit for whatever unexpected events come my way. One of my all time favorites.

5. Rose Green Tea

I spoke about this yummy tea in my Africa post earlier this summer, and have been drinking it ever since. I first fell in love with this tea at a museum cafe in Benin, & then finally purchased some while in Paris. It’s floral, without being too floral, & just so refreshing. With fall just around the corner & Tea Time Tuesdays approaching, I know this tea is here to stay!

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Ballerinas at the Ballet

Hello Everyone!

Today I can finally say that this will be my last post from NYC. It was one of those trips where I just felt like I was home. So in love with this city.

On my first full day off after the tour, Eri & I got asked if we wanted comp tickets to see ABT’s opening night of Don Quixote, & of course we said, “Yes!” It was truly magical. I was pumped to see one of my childhood favorites, Gillian Murphy, perform the role of Kitri. She was dynamite! Not to mention the music by Minkus is to die for! I left feeling so inspired by her performance. If you have never seen Don Quixote before, (heck, if you’ve never seen a ballet before) I highly recommend this classical masterpiece. Definitely one of my all time favorites.

Not only was the performance magical, but my dress was certainly magical as well.

I felt so glamorous in this Marchesa Notte embroidered dress paired with these amazing sky blue heels (which are quickly becoming my new favorites). Our hair was freshly done courtesy of DryBar (more on that here) so you know we were confidently power walking those West Side streets.

After watching an incredible show, and snapping a few pics by the ballerina hippo currently displayed across the street from Lincoln Square, we walked over to The Smith (more here) for a scrumptious meal and refreshing cocktails while we relived (and critiqued) the entire performance. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day.

P. S. – I am officially back in the States! Stay tuned for my posts from Africa & Paris! (& a giveaway!)


My First YouTube Video!

Hello Everyone!

As you all know, I was in NYC a few weeks ago, performing with the Richmond Ballet at the Joyce Theater. While on tour, I decided to test my knack at filming. I told myself that there was no pressure. That no one was expecting a video, so if it sucked, no one would ever have to see it. So I went for it. I really went for it. So much so, that I came home with 45 minutes of footage! After figuring iMovie out for the first time and cutting quite a bit of nonsense out, I came out with two videos that I am quite proud of.

Today I will show you my first one!


Tell me what you think! Any advice? Should I continue to make more videos?

Be sure to give my video some love by giving it a thumbs up, leaving a comment, and clicking the subscribe button to subscribe to my channel!

(Eek! I’ve always wanted to say that!)

I can’t believe I’ve started my own YouTube channel! But you know, we here at Felix & Flora believe in dreaming big dreams…even seemingly impossible dreams.  Thank you so much for your support and believing in me.

P. S. – Stay tuned for part 2!

Off To The Races!

Hello Everyone!
Last Saturday was the Kentucky Derby! I attended a very beautiful, though slightly chilly, Derby Party put together by the Richmond Ballet. The house where it was held was just gorgeous, so I had to snap some photos. I sipped my mint julep and ate way too many sweet potato biscuits while mingling with lovely people in fancy hats. After socializing for an hour or two, a huge projection screen had been set up and everyone gathered around to watch the exciting, yet very short, race. Though Always Dreaming ended up winning the race, I was rooting for Hence purely based on the fact that he was dressed in pink.
Did anyone else watch the race? If so who were you rooting for? xx
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Friday Five – Lessons From My Mom

Hello Everyone!
It’s Mother’s Day weekend, & what better way to show some love & appreciation to my wonderful mamma than to reflect on some key life lessons she has taught me over the years.
My mom & I are very close & talk almost every day, so there are endless amounts of lessons learned from her, but today, I want to share 5 with you. (Imagine that…;))
1. Show Them Your Passion
My mom has been my biggest fan & my emotional support system during my career as a professional dancer. In fact, she is coming to NYC today to watch me perform at the Joyce Theater! But before it was my job, I had countless performances, showcases, summer intensives, & auditions where I had to prove myself as a dancer. It took a lot of guts & confidence boosting, which my mamma was & still is always so good at doing. The one phrase she repeated to me time after time was, “Show them your passion”. In that moment, hearing those words, I was calm, I knew that I could go out there and pour my heart out because even if I messed up, I always had someone who believed in me.
Thank you, mom, for never doubting me, & always lifting my spirits to push me toward my goal.
2. Kiss Lots Of Boys
When I was in middle school & early high school, I had the plan that I wasn’t going to kiss anyone until I was engaged to them. I know…I was crazy. I never wanted to casually date. I was very serious about finding my husband. But let’s be honest, what middle schooler or even high schooler is husband material? My mother, knowing this (even though she married her high school sweetheart), encouraged me to kiss lots of boys! I thought she was crazy for saying that at the time, but what a valuable lesson, am I right? I mean, I haven’t kissed lots of boys, but it freed me from searching for a “husband”, & instead finding a best friend (and a good kisser…)
Thank you for saving me from a potential disaster! 😉
3. Break the (Fashion) Rules
I went to an extremely strict school (on my own accord, I am weird & love rules) with a ridiculously strict dress code. One of the rules being no holes in your jeans. Because of this rule, every time my mom came to my school, she would wear her ripped jeans, just because she could. & she rocked them! What a great lesson in fashion. Don’t wear something because someone else likes it or not wear something because someone says it’s wrong. Fashion is an expression of your personality, wear it because it makes you happy.
Thanks mom for encouraging me to break the fashion rules!
4. Love Pretty Things
I like to say I’ve inherited my love of flowers, candles, & capturing photos from my mom. I have such fond memories of seeing my mom working in the garden, & our house filled with warm scented candles. She still loves candles, & when either of us finds a particularly “yummy” one, the other MUST get it. My love of photos & capturing every moment, I’m sure, comes from watching my mom work for hours on end to beautifully craft personalized scrapbooks for my siblings & I. Savoring those memories and turning them into works of art, hmmm seems familiar…
Thanks mom for instilling the love of beautiful things. They brighten my day just like you.
5. Be Kind
Honestly, my mom has taught me so much about kindness. About genuine love even for those I’ve never met. Every single person deserves love & kindness even if they haven’t show those things to me. Kill them with kindness, if you will. The best part is, she hasn’t taught me kindness with just her words, but through her life. I’ve seen it displayed even when it’s hard. It challenges me to reflect on who I am and how I treat other people.
Thank you for for being someone I can always look up to. I am so proud to call you my mom.

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Show some extra love to your mom this weekend!
What is the best thing your mom has taught you? xx
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