61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe

61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe

The Bare Essentials

I am no minimalist. I love to be a bit extra & definitely think more is always more. But if I lost everything, or wanted to start my wardrobe from scratch, these 61 feminine essentials would create a complete wardrobe ready for every season. That’s right! This post includes clothes, outerwear, accessories, the whole nine yards! I guess you could say this would be my version of a super chic capsule wardrobe. Honestly, I truly believe every woman would benefit from having these items in their wardrobe. I’m not going to say you need them, because you don’t “need” any of them, but having this solid base will enable you to look chic & feminine with ease no matter what season you’re in.

61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe


A woman’s outfit is never complete without a great pair of shoes. Here are my 7 essential pairs:

  1. Classic Ballet Flats
  2. Espadrilles
  3. Knee-High Boots
  4. Rain Boots
  5. “Chanel” Style Shoe With Capped Toe
  6. Embellished Heels
  7. Embroidered Flats
61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe


It seems a bit crazy to only have 9 tops on this list, but these are truly my essentials. They have stood the test of time & are extremely versatile.

  1. Camel Turtleneck
  2. Striped Long Sleeve Top
  3. Crochet/Broderie White Top
  4. Floral Wrap Top
  5. White Sweater
  6. Classic Cable Knit Sweater (try navy)
  7. Embellished Knit
  8. Flowy Sleeveless Blouse
  9. Smock Top
61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe


These pieces are just so classic. You won’t have to worry about them going out of style.

  1. Wide Leg Pants
  2. Cropped Skinny Jeans
  3. Fall Toned Mini Skirt
  4. Tulle Midi Skirt
  5. Feminine Shorts
  6. Suede/Leather Mini Skirt
  7. A-Line Midi Skirt (solid color)
  8. Tweed Mini Skirt
  9. One Matching Set
  10. Jumpsuit (one that can be dressed up or down)
61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe


This was the hardest category for me to narrow down! You’ll find easy day-time dresses as well as perfect occasion wear for any season.

  1. Little Navy Dress (LND)
  2. Wrap Dress
  3. Beachy Maxi Dress
  4. Floral/Striped Midi Dress
  5. Flirty Mini Dress
  6. Night Out Dress
  7. Long Sleeve Sweater Dress
  8. Velvet Mini Dress
  9. Red Dress
61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe


Look chic year-round with these fab outerwear pieces I can’t live without.

  1. Trench Coat
  2. Denim Jacket
  3. Faux Fur Coat
  4. Long Wool Coat
  5. Cozy Pullover
  6. Light Button Front Cardigan
61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe


Accessories are so important. They put that final feminine touch to your everyday looks.

  1. Silk Scarf
  2. Classic Sunglasses
  3. Straw Hat
  4. Clear Umbrella
  5. Basket Bag
  6. Evening Clutch
  7. Leather Top Handle Bag
  8. Wide Woven Belt
  9. Seamless Nude Thong
  10. Classic Bikini
  11. Fun One Piece Swimsuit
  12. Colorful Blanket Scarf
  13. Faux Fur Scarf
  14. Beret
  15. Picnic Basket
61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe


Jewelry can sometimes revolve around current trends, but these pieces are timeless.

  1. Gold Studs
  2. Pearl Drops
  3. Floral Earrings
  4. Gold Chain Bracelet
  5. Neutral Evening Earrings

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61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe


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My Most Worn Summer Shoe (It’s A Designer Dupe!)

Designer Crush: Self-Portrait

Designer Crush: Self-Portrait

If You Buy One Pair Of Shoes This Summer…

We all want that one pair of shoes that will go with everything. That one pair that is both stylish & comfortable & can be dressed up or down. Now what if I told you I’ve found that magical pair for under $50?! That’s right! These classic white espadrilles are an amazing designer dupe you need in your closet. If you buy one pair of shoes this summer…


This is not sponsored or anything, I’m just genuinely obsessed with these shoes & the amount of photos I have from just on year of wear can prove that! I love being able to share my affordable fashion finds & this is one of the very best ones.

Summer Smocking

The Designer Dupe!

This pair of espadrilles look EXACTLY like the Castaner designer pair, but for less than half the price! When I first ordered them, I was a bit worried that the material would feel cheap or that since they were white, they would get dirty very quickly. I have worn them literally so many times & they look good as new! These gorgeous shoes are amazing, & you just can’t beat the price. In fact, I’ve just ordered another pair, the white lace version this time. I cannot wait for them to arrive! Be watching for them on my Instagram stories…

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How Do You Treat Your Clothes?

Hello Everyone!
I decided to challenge myself to take better care of my clothing and accessories. More often than I’d like to admit my room looks like the picture below. Totally not ok. I have spent my hard earned money on these beautiful garments I clothe myself in every single day, & they end up on the floor in a pile. Disgusting. I knew it was time to make a change, & I recruited a few items to help me out.
steamerlint rollersweater shaver, & a garment rack were just the tools I needed for a fresh start.
My sweaters desperately needed a facelift. They were starting to pill & were undoubtably covered with the hair from our two cats & dog (as you can see^^^). Using the sweater shaver & lint roller, unveiled new & refreshed sweaters ready to get me through the chilly nights of spring.


I purchased this inexpensive garment rack to display items I’m particularly inspired by, outfits I’ve already prepared for events, or, in this case, travel outfit planning. There is something so satisfying about putting beauty on display, & this certainly does the trick. It’s a helpful reminder that these pieces are meant to be worn & treasured.



I haven’t finished yet, but my goal is to go through & steam every article of clothing so they are ready to wear at a moment’s notice. That means no more piles. No more being unable to wear something because it’s now wrinkled from sitting on the floor. & from now on, shoes go from the rack, to my feet, & then directly back to the rack! Why is this so hard?!


The last change I made was emptying out ALL of my purses. Now I know where all of my bobby pins have been hiding! No more just throwing random crap into my nice purses, & when I want to change purses, I must TAKE EVERYTHING OUT. No more losing a favorite lipstick only to find it in the purse I was wearing the week before.
Do you do these things too?
What kind of things do you do to show your clothes some extra love? xx
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