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61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe
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61 Feminine Essentials For A Complete Wardrobe

The Bare Essentials I am no minimalist. I love to be a bit extra & definitely think more is always more. But if I lost everything, or wanted to start my wardrobe from scratch, these 61 feminine essentials would create a complete wardrobe ready for every season. That’s right! This post includes clothes, outerwear, accessories, …

Adding A Cheerful Color To My Wardrobe
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Adding A New Color To My Wardrobe

Yellow I keep catching myself being drawn to the color yellow. Maybe it’s my subconscious wishing for more sunshine & warmth? Or maybe it has something to do with my lemon obsession I’ve had ever since our Italian honeymoon last summer (see here: 1/2/3). Either way, this color is giving me life at the moment. …