The Dream Team

The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater
The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater

T h e   H a r d

D e c i s i o n s

Because I was my own wedding planner & our venue was on family property rather than a typical, established venue, it was up to me to find & choose our wedding vendors. There are so many amazing options out there to make each & every wedding special & unique. I think that’s what I love most about weddings. When each detail is chosen to reflect that particular bride & groom. Today I want to share with you our dream team, our amazing vendors who together made our big day come together seamlessly. 

The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater
The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater

A l l   T h i n g s   P a p e r

Save The Dates

We knew that we wanted to save a little money on this aspect of the wedding, but still wanted something nice & meaningful to be able to send out to our loved ones. For our photos, we asked Ben’s sister, my bridesmaid Abby, to take them right after we were engaged. It was so special to have our engagement photos taken in Maine on the same property our wedding would be held just a few months later. The funny part about this day is that it was -12 degrees outside while we were shooting! We just decided to get extra snuggly which helped us get the perfect shot quickly (thank goodness!). 

After choosing the perfect photo, we chose Minted to print our save the dates. They came out just perfect & at a great price. We also made our wedding website through their site which was a great tool for getting info out about our wedding & our registry to friends & family.

Our Invitations

We knew we wanted our invitations to be simple & elegant, so when I saw this design from Shine Wedding Invitations on Pinterest, I immediately fell in love. The simple, romantic font in navy combined with the blush silk ribbon tied around it was like a match made in heaven. This style perfectly captured the style & theme of our wedding. I even ended up ordering extra ribbon from them to wrap around our bouquets & also the flatware used at our reception. This tied everything together from start to finish just beautifully.


When looking into purchasing all of the miscellaneous stationary bits for our wedding with a similar font to our invitations, the prices seemed way to high for our budget. Thankfully, I came across this gem of an Etsy shop that had the perfect font! We used simplysuite products in navy & gold Melia font for our wedding programs, place cards, table numbers, & several of our signs. The best part about these products is that they come as a digital download to which then you can go in a fill in the appropriate words & print out as many copies as you want! You guys, this alone saved us so much money! Thank you simplysuite!

The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater
The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater

T h e   B a n d

Our number one priority for our wedding was to have an amazing band. We had seen this band called the Bachelor Boys, play at two different weddings over the years & totally fell in love with them. After asking them if they were available for our day, we found out that they do not travel as far as Maine, but that they had a sister band called The Silver Arrow Band that was based up north that could potentially work for us. I immediately contacted them & thankfully they were available on our day! Let me tell you, they were AMAZING! People left the reception saying it was the best party they had ever been to, & I have to attribute that to our beyond incredible band. We chose to have an 8 piece band that included a brass section which I highly recommend. They have so many options to choose from to accommodate different price points as well as different music preferences. We also had them MC the evening, so once the ceremony was over, they helped keep everything moving on time without any lulls.

The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater
The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater

D o n u t s

After knowing we wanted a band, we knew that instead of cake or cupcakes for our guests, we wanted to have a wall full of donuts. Then I remembered several years ago, we had visited a local donut shop called, The Holy Donut, in Portland, Maine & that had very eclectic style donuts. I looked them up to see if they catered, & they did. I was thrilled to find out they also had gluten-free & vegan options to accommodate all guests. They come in so many delicious flavors & are all potato based. If you are ever in Portland, ME, definitely give them a try, you won’t regret it!

The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater
The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater

T h e   B e s t   C a t e r e r

I came across the Bread & Butter Catering Company while doing some wedding research online. Ben & I fell in love with the menu choices & felt like the food choices reflected our personalities perfectly. One of the most helpful parts of the wedding planning process was our catering coordinator. She was so nice & helpful & made sure we had the right rental equipment as well as the right quantity of both food & rentals. They were amazing at communicating with us & checking in on our progress. But not only that, the food was divine. I’m convinced we had the best caterer ever. 🙂

The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater
The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater

C a p t u r i n g   O u r   D a y

Since our wedding was a destination for the majority of people, we knew that there would be people in our lives that would not be able to attend our wedding. Therefore, we made it a priority to find spectacular people to capture our wedding day. As I mentioned in my first wedding week post, I found both our photographer & our videographer on Instagram through hashtags. How cool is that?!

We chose Emily Delamater, along with her husband Matt, to photograph the biggest day of our lives. These two are just the sweetest. It was such a pleasure to have them there with us each step of the way. Not only were they such a delight to be around, but they perfectly captured the moments & the feeling of the day. The pure joy & love is so visible in our photos, feelings we’ll treasure & remember forever. (See her Instagram here.)

From the very first clip I saw by Haley from OTD Collective, I knew that no one could capture our day quite like she could. Her work is like art. A beautiful motion picture of the best day of our lives. We haven’t seen our full video yet, but she recently posted a preview on her Instagram that is just incredible. (Watch here.) I’ve watched it probably a hundred times. If you’re wondering whether or not you should have a videographer at your wedding, I say do it! Pictures are amazing for preserving memories, but a video has the power to really take you there. (See her Instagram here.)

The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater
The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater

A l c o h o l

In terms of alcohol, we decided to keep things pretty simple. We chose a red wine (Cocobon) & a white wine from Trader Joe’s to have on the tables for our guests to serve themselves. Then for beer, we had a local brewing company, Flight Deck, provide 3 different kinds of beers on tap again for guests to serve themselves. The cool part about having Flight Deck beer be at our wedding is that Ben is friends with the owner! He really hooked us up, & the beer was amazing. 

The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater
The Dream Team - Photo by Emily Delamater

R e m i n d e r

It’s a common thought that having your wedding somewhere like on family property would be cheaper because you don’t have to pay for the venue. I have to believe that it comes out to be about the same in the end, & let me tell you why. Yes, you’re not paying for the space, but then you have to find a rental company to supply all the tables, chairs, glassware, flatware, linens, etc. These things really add up fast & when I first started planning this wedding I was unaware of how much things like that would cost. I don’t regret doing it this way at all, I just wanted to share with you guys all of the information I wish I had when I was in the planning process. Hope this helps! Also, let me know if you have any wedding related questions because I’m thinking about doing a wedding planning FAQs post in the future.

All photos for this post were taken by our incredible wedding photographer: Emily Delamater.

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The Dream Team - Wedding Vendors

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This I just post #5 of an entire week of wedding content! Come back tomorrow to read about how we dressed up our venue for the big day!

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