How To Un-Basic Your Wardrobe

How To Un-Basic Your Wardrobe

Hello Everyone!

Sometimes sticking to the basics can be a good thing. With the start of the new year & a new season approaching, you might be finding yourself, as I am, in need of a little boost. I’ve put together a few tips & ideas on how to un-basic your wardrobe that just might give you the boost you need.

It’s dress up time!

How To Un-Basic Your Wardrobe

How To Un-Basic Your Wardrobe

Do you tend to gravitate towards the same handful of “safe” outfits in your wardrobe? It’s time to mix things up. Pop some bubbly. Invite a friend over that you actually trust for fashion advice & get to it! What is it about those “safe” outfits that you love? Do they bring you joy? Confidence? Let’s try to find those same things you love about that outfit in a new one.

Pattern Mixing

Try mixing stripes or gingham with florals this season. If this seems like a scary task, read my Print Mixing For Beginners post, or check out Adorn Yourself Accordingly for some major inspo! I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to print mixing outfit inspiration you can check out here.

Add a red lip to one of your go-to looks

Throw on that go-to outfit that you love & feel good in, then add a pop of color to your lips! What a fun & simple way to shake things up. My fav red lipsticks are Milani Matte Iconic & Marc Jacobs So Rouge.

Pair with some unexpected shoes

Add a heel to a casual look, or a pop of color to a more neutral outfit. It’s easy to stick to the basics when it comes to shoes, but I find statement shoes (even a pair or embellished or fancy flats) can really take an outfit to the next level.

Style your hair differently.

This can be as simple as parting your hair in a different place! I love playing with a deep side part, to a normal side part, to an almost middle part. Such an easy way to mix it up. Or, with spring & summer on the horizon, if you tend to “fix” your hair everyday, go for a more natural look every once in a while. Find ways to improve your ponytail like with invisibobbles, bows, or scarves. These subtle changes make a huge difference in the long run.

How To Un-Basic Your Wardrobe

What to invest in this season

A classic trench coat has been the best investment piece I’ve ever owned. I literally wear mine in every season, but it gets the most wear during the spring. Florals look amazing underneath a piece like this. (& you know that’s all I am wanting to wear right now!) It’s that perfect item that looks so smart when layered over literally any outfit. A classic piece everyone should own. There are also versions out there that help you make a wardrobe basic, un-basic. Look for one in a different color like pink, white, or blue, or find one with just a little more detail or flare to give it an extra edge.

One of my favorite ways to really make an outfit pop is with statement earrings. These are EVERYWHERE right now, so they shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on a pair or four. Pairs catching my eye recently are typically ones with big structured flowers. I mean what’s not to love, am I right?!

All I am wanting to wear on my feet right now are embroidered shoes. I even have a pair that I’m potentially wearing for my wedding reception shoes (sneak peek here). Needless to say, I love them. They are big right now, & a brilliant way to un-basic your day-to-day outfits.

Straw bags are trending again this spring summer (yay!), & are a great way to add texture to your #ootd. They come in all different shapes, styles, colors, & price points, making it easy to find the one that works for you. If you don’t already have one, this item is a spring/summer must-have.

How To Un-Basic Your Wardrobe

The un-basic, basics your wardrobe needs:

Straw Bags

Un-Basic Tops

Statement Earrings

Trench Coats

Embroidered Shoes

How To Un-Basic Your Wardrobe

What are your favorite ways to make an outfit pop? Planning on trying any of these ways to un-basic your wardrobe? xx

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