Virginia is for Lovers

Here are a few pictures from this past week with my love:
Sunday brunch after church at Can Can. Delicious beignets!
Picture from our day trip to D.C. (See post here)
We love Dixie Donuts! A MUST when Jared is in town.
Coffee at Urban Farmhouse before a day of shopping. (Check out these temporary tattoos)
Ice cream tradition! We love exploring new brands and flavors.  The Sunday Morning was incredible.
Walked around the beautiful downtown Charlottesville.
J + L
I was on a coconut kick this week! Anyone have any other suggestions?
Snapchat selfie! (just before the hurricane…we were clueless)
And then it began.  We had to drive back before we even got to our destination. So scary!
Meanwhile, back it Richmond it was 95 and sunny! (Maymont Park)
Jared captured this beauty:)
Entering Japanese Gardens
They were HUGE and so pretty.
Are we still in Richmond?
I love pretty places to sit.
I like you.  (About to get mushy hehe)
Prettiest little flowers:)
I love the houses in my neighborhood.  The white one is one of my favorites.
Gardens at the VMFA
Jared Deimund: Ballerino extraordinaire! 
YES! Feeling it!
I had an incredible week with my Jared here with me.  Miss him already! Always so thankful for our time together.  We truly are better together.

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