Wedding Wednesday: At Home Workout Routine

Wedding Wednesday: At Home Workout Routine

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With my wedding day quickly approaching (65 days from today!), & my ballet season coming to an end for the summer, I’ve started to up my at home workout routine. Staying in shape is something that has always been a part of my life as a professional ballet dancer. And now with my wedding coming up during my off season, I’ve decided to set some new challenges for myself. These challenges are set up to help me feel my very best on the big day, as well as an outlet to de-stress during the final weeks of preparation.

Finding the time or place to workout can be challenging, so I’ve put together a quick & easy workout routine you can do in your own home. Somedays when the weather is nice, I like to do it in my backyard. I just make sure to apply my sunscreen & have a full water bottle on hand. Also, I love to turn on my go-to Spotify playlist (Songs Taylor Loves) to get me pumped & motivated.

I’m a morning person, so for me, morning workouts are ideal. Although, I always have to eat my breakfast first. Gotta get that energy! But whenever you feel best about doing your at home workout routine, just stick to it. That is the hardest part. Don’t put it off. Trust me, it will pay off in the end if you just stick with it. Working out is so good for your body, whether you’re about to get married or not. Get up & move! Stretch & sweat a little bit. You’ll find that you have more energy & motivation to get stuff done.

My At Home Workout Routine

Takes about 20 minutes

I start with 60 seconds of high knees where I alternate lifting my knees to my chest, kind of like marching.

Then I do 2 sets of full sit ups for 60 seconds. I lay on my back with my feet flat on the floor & my knees to the sky & my hands behind my head. Start by scooping in my abs & then sitting up straight to a flat back position. Using my abs to curl back down to the ground to a flat position. Then repeat!

Next I place my lacrosse ball in between my heels & do 30 heel raises, or what we call in ballet, relevé. Then I do 30 single heels raises on each leg.


(I am such a firm believer in planks. Goodness, nothing whips my body into shape like these do!)

Normal plank either on you hands or elbows. This series I do 6 sets of 30 seconds each: 2 normal, 2 with the right leg pulsing up, & 2 with the left leg pulsing up.

Side plank on elbow. This series I also do 6 sets of 30 seconds each: 1 normal on right side, 1 normal on left side, 1 pulsing hips up & down on right side, 1 pulsing hips up & down on left side, 1 on right side with left arm reaching from the ceiling then twisting your body, being your left hand down between your right shoulder & hip like your threading a needle, & 1 set repeating that on your left side.

Final Round

Next I do 60 seconds of bird dogs. For this, start by getting on your hands & knees, making your back flat & scooping in your abs. Then alternate lifting & extending your right arm & left leg, then your left arm & right leg.

For another set of 60 seconds, I lay down in my crunch position with my knees to the sky. I scoop in my abs again to lift just my head & upper back off the ground. Then I alternate reaching my hands to my right ankle the to my left ankle & repeating.

Next I do single leg bridges. I do 4 sets in this series: 2 with the right leg extended & 2 with the left leg extended. Lay on your back in a crunch position. Then leaving your thigh where it is, extend the lower half of your right leg to create a diagonal line. Then scoop in those abs, & squeeze those glutes to lift your pelvis up & then back down. Repeat for 30 seconds then switch legs. Then do it again!

If you’re like me, sometimes having the right outfit is motivation enough to actually do the thing.

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