Wedding Wednesday: Beauty Prep

Wedding Wednesday: Beauty Prep

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I’m back with another Wedding Wednesday post! Today I want to share with you guys what steps I’m taking to prep my hair, skin, & body for the big day. I want to look like the best version of myself on the big day, while still looking like me. You know? My goal is to feel calm & confident in my own skin, ready to marry the man of my dreams. Let’s get into the beauty prep that is going to help me do just that!

Wedding Wednesday: Beauty Prep

Beauty Prep From The Inside Out

You guys know if you’ve been following me for a while, that my favorite beauty guru is none other than the Glam Life Guru, Tati. I’ve trusted her beauty info for years. Seriously, she is a harsh critic & knows what’s good & what’s not better than anyone in the business, in my opinion. So when I heard she was coming out with her own beauty brand, I knew it would be amazing! Although, I was a little sad to hear that it wasn’t makeup or skincare, but a beauty supplement. I bought it anyways because I knew if she swore by it, than chances were it was going to be life changing, & let me tell you, the results are real! I have been taking this pretty pink pill, Halo Beauty, for about 3 weeks now & I can already see a difference. My skin all over my body is softer, my dark circles under my eyes are lighter, & I seem to have less fine lines around my eyes & forehead! It sounds crazy, but people are noticing! I swear it’s doing good things, so I’m going to continue taking it in preparation for my wedding day.

Wedding Wednesday: Beauty Prep

Wedding Wednesday: Beauty Prep

Smile Brilliant

With my wedding day quickly approaching, I was sent this unique teeth whitening kit at just the right time! I want my teeth to look bright & white on my wedding day, especially since I’ll be wearing a white dress! (OMG I can’t wait!) The Smile Brilliant team made it so simple & easy to use. First, they sent me the box pictured above, with which I made my teeth molds. I sent those molds back to them & they made custom whitening trays that fit my teeth perfectly. The trays are soft & jelly making them very easy & comfortable to wear. My teeth do get sensitive easily, but their desensitizing gel has been a life saver. Say goodbye to painful teeth whitening!

Another reason why I love this product is that you only wear them for 45 min. to 3 hours at a time, making it a quick & easy beauty prep step with great results. With a product like this, I find that you can go as hard as you want with it. I’ve enjoyed taking my time & using it only about once a week, but I’m sure when used more often, you see compound results.

Because of this product, I know I will be able to smile proudly & confidently, knowing that my smile looks great on what will probably be the most photographed day of my life.

Use code: felixandflora when shopping Smile Brilliant products to receive 10% off!

*see below for amazing before & after shots*


I have some exciting new for you guys! I have teamed up with the Smile Brilliant crew & we are opening up an exclusive giveaway to my amazing readers! The winner will win a free Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit. Whether you’re about to get married like me, are an avid coffee/red wine drinker (also me), or you know that the perfect red lip looks best with a white smile, this kit will help change your life & your smile. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to have the white smile you’ve always wanted.

Click here to enter the giveaway! It’s so easy. All you have to do is submit your name & email address on my giveaway page in order to enter! The winner will be selected and contacted via email in 2 weeks. I will be announcing the winner on my Instagram as well so stay tuned.

(Giveaway is for $149 credit and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.)

Wedding Wednesday: Beauty Prep

Wedding Wednesday: Beauty Prep

Hair Care

I’ve decided to wear my hair down for my wedding, so I wanted to take some beauty prep steps to ensure my hair looks thick & healthy. I ordered a couple of Briogeo products for the first time & I am loving them so far. Basically I bought the same product in 2 different forms, one is a leave in spray mask, & one is an in shower hair mask. Both perform beautifully & have helped my hair’s health & moisture. I used the in shower deep conditioning mask about twice a month & the spray leave in conditioner about once a week. My hair loves this stuff. Also, it smells really good which is a must! Hopefully these products will help my hair look luscious & gorgeous on my wedding day.

Wedding Wednesday: Beauty Prep


Another tip I have been trying recently has been massaging my moisturizer into my face everyday. Instead of just rubbing it in & letting it just sit there, I’ve been trying to massage & rub it into my skin. This helps the product sink into the skin faster, as well as help blood flow & circulation in the face. I believe this along with my Halo Beauty supplements have significantly helped the look & feel of the skin on my face.

Exercise & Water

Being a professional dancer, exercise is a part of my everyday life. But from here until my wedding day, I will have a few weeks here & there where I will not be dancing. During those off weeks, it will be important to me to keep my body in shape for the big day. I’m thinking about doing a post on my non-ballet workout routine…would you guys like to see that? Leave a comment below if you’re interested in that!

Of course, water is crucial to seeing results in all of these areas mentioned above. Nothing new here, just a reminder to drink your water! Luckily Ben is really good about helping me remember to do this on a daily basis.

Wedding Wednesday: Beauty Prep

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Are you a fellow bride to be? What beauty prep steps are you taking to prepare for your big day?

Have any beauty tips? I’m always looking for more! Leave me your favorite tip in the comments below! xx

Here are my before & after using Smile Brilliant photos!

The photos speak for themselves! I’m so pleased with my results!

Don’t forget to enter the Smile Brilliant exclusive giveaway!

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