We’re Engaged!

We're Engaged
Hello Everyone!

We’re Engaged! (In case you didn’t read the title…)

I’m just so excited to be planning a life together with my very best friend! But before we get into that, & wedding details, let’s talk about what everyone is thinking: How did he propose?

Ben & I traveled to Oklahoma, after my final Nutcracker performance, to be with my family for Christmas. I had a hunch it might happen over Christmas, but I was not expecting how it happened in the least! So, in my family, we set a designated time to wake up & arrive in the living room to first open our stockings. After opening our stockings, we go into the kitchen to have coffee & breakfast. Once full, happy, & caffeinated, we make our way back into the living room to open the real presents.

So here we are, all gathered together: my mom & dad, Grandma, Nana & Papa, my cousin Brittany, 2 of my 3 sisters, my brother, & Ben & I. We typically open presents from youngest to oldest, but before Ella could get started on hers, Ben said there was one for me that needed to be opened first. At this point, I’m still not sure if this is it or not, maybe he was just really excited about a particular present for me? I start to unwrap a rather large box, & inside I see layers & layers of photo of us. So many amazing memories made together over the past 3 years. My hands start to shake as I realize what is happening. I start to show each photo to the family, but then realized how many there were (62 to be exact) & briefly looked at each one by myself. Once I looked through several layers, I came to a wooden box. Inside this box were…more pictures! Then I found the prettiest little pink velvet box at the very bottom, to which Ben told me I needed to stand up for this one! He took my hands & shared so many sweet words of our love (which I only know from the video haha) & that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He opened the box, and ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! Of course, I said yes! He put the prettiest ring I have ever seen on my finger & I kissed my FIANCE! It was such a special moment. I felt so lucky to be able to share it right there with my family.

After that, it was time to open presents, except, how can you top that?! I could not stop staring at this gorgeous rock on my finger! You know the funny part was that every single present I opened that day went SO well with my ring! hahaha

I spent the rest of the day on a cloud. We were getting married, & I wanted to shout it from the rooftops.

After spending a few days in Oklahoma, we traveled up to Maine to visit & celebrate with Ben’s family. We made some wedding plans (& even had a taste testing) because we are getting married in Maine! Oh my word I am just so excited! July 21, 2018 will be the most magical day of my life.

We had Ben’s sister, Abby, take some engagement photos of us on the property. In sub-zero temperatures I might add! I love them so much & I will cherish them forever.

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