What’s In My Suitcase?

Hello Everyone!
Tomorrow I leave for NYC! I’m showing you inside my suitcase because I am actually so proud of my packing job. I am usually terrible at packing because I feel the need to bring anything and everything that I could possibly need. This time, I wanted to challenge myself to pack everything I needed for normal life and performing in a carry-on and a bag. It was tough, but with some careful planning and helpful tools, I did it! YAY!
Before I started packing anything, I planned my outfits for each day. Trying on each outfit with shoes, accessories, and all, ensures my confidence in each one. I have two quite fancy events to attend while I am in the city, & planned my attire so I could wear the same pair of blue heels with each dress. The rest of my outfits can be worn with my three other shoe options (123), or my sneakers if a lot of extra walking is required. Another super helpful tip is that I made sure I brought only one jacket, this time – my classic trench coat, that would go with every outfit & work for every occasion. I will wear it on the train so it’s one less thing to pack.
Now comes the challenge…
See that top pouch with the white sweater inside? ALL of my outfits besides my two cocktail dresses & my travel day outfit are in there! Talk about conserving space! These adorable pink leopard luggage cubes are a lifesaver. It’s so nice to know where all of my things are in my suitcase. Everything has a compartment, so no items are just floating around.
The second biggest cube on the right, holds all of my leotards, tights, & a practice skirt for both class & rehearsals on stage. The others contain my undergarments & socks, my snacks & emergen-C, pointe shoes, toe pads, and toiletries.
Here are all of the toiletries I am bringing (in these cute travel bottles):

I am bringing five pairs of pointe shoes for this week of performances. Dancing in all nine shows at the Joyce Theater, I will need plenty of shoes and extra sewing material.
Voila! They all fit!
I’m actually so impressed!
Items in my other bags include:
2 cocktail dresses in a garment bag
curling iron
Kroger’s creamy honey roasted peanut butter to give to my mom
camera equipment
shoes 3 & sneakers
& ballet warmups
Hope you all enjoyed seeing what I am bringing to NYC & catching a sneak peek at my outfits.
Would you guys be interested in seeing a day in the life on tour?xx
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