Winter Pastels

Winter Pastels

Feeling Like A Pastel Princess

I’m bringing out my favorite spring pastels a bit earlier than usual. Warm pastel layers are absolutely perfect for this time of year. This look features feminine pastels, pearls, florals, & sparkles all combined into one dreamy outfit.

We came across this sweet pastel house that matched my outfit perfectly. It was totally meant to be! I felt like a pastel princesses outside my cute little castle. But in all honesty…how adorable is that house & when can I move in?!

Style Tip

When branching out & mixing different colors together, I’ve found one easy way to ensure success. Take this look for example. See the colors in my floral bag? They are also seen throughout my entire outfit. Find a bag, scarf, shoe, or accessory that has a print or design which mixes different colors, & let it be your guide to choosing the rest of your look.

Winter Pastels
Winter Pastels

Building Your Winter Pastel Wardrobe

Mint Sweater

I’m so drawn to this mint color at the moment. Not to mention, it compliments my favorite shade of pastel pink beautifully. Having warm knits in feminine pastels shades are so helpful when putting together outfits in late winter & early spring. Make sure they are not too long or oversized so they can be worn with both jeans & high waisted skirts.

Pink Tulle Skirt

My pink tulle skirt is the most beautiful & quintessentially feminine staple in my wardrobe. I mean, even Carrie Bradshaw wore it! A piece like this is so versatile & easy to wear. I am also a ballerina in real life, so twirling around in a tutu is one of my very favorite things to do. A skirt like this brings me so much joy. This pastel pink goes with just about every single color as well, so it should fit into any wardrobe with ease.

Sparkle Shoes

I’m typically a gold girl through & through, but I’m just loving the way silver pairs with pastels. My silver sparkly Mary Janes (similar here) have been worn so much recently. Mixing them with outfits that feature my beloved pastel pieces are my absolutely favorite way to wear them. Whether you like silver or not, a pair of sparkly shoes & a tulle skirt are just a match made in heaven.

Winter Pastels

Winter Pastels

Affordable Ways To Stay On Trend


An easy & fairly inexpensive way to be on trend this spring/summer is by wearing fun headbands. I’m totally obsessing over this trend. Brands are coming out with so many different varieties & styles of headbands, making it so easy to find the best fit for your wardrobe & your budget. Styles I’m loving include embellished (like my pearl one worn in this post), scarf print headbands like this one, & knotted or floral headbands.

Faux Fur Coats & Jackets

Faux fur pieces can get really expensive. If you love the look of items like this, but aren’t able to invest in ones on the current market, look around in your local Goodwill stores. I’ve found 2 of my faux fur coats & jackets at Goodwill (see them on the blog here & here). Another way to add them to your wardrobe requires a little bit of patience. Look for out of season sales. These faux fur pieces are timeless, & won’t be going out of style, so buying them during the off season & waiting for next winter is a safe option. I post a lot of sale updates & my favorite affordable pieces over on my Facebook page, so don’t forget to follow me there for out of season sales & ways to save your money.

Winter Pastels

Create Your Own Fairytale

Need your own princess moment? Find ways to spark joy & build confidence in your own life. Maybe start a dream journal! Dream big! Seek the beauty around you & be the princess of your life. Create your own fairytale, & build your wardrobe to match.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked this look! I’m totally dreaming of spring right now too! But for now, bundling up in my favorite pastels will have to do! xx

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