You’re Invited To Our Wedding!

You're Invited To Our Wedding! Photo by Emily Delamater
Photo by Emily Delamater

The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For…

Our wedding film is finally here! It’s like you’re all invited to our wedding! Re-live our wedding day through this magical recap of each moment. Huge shoutout to OTD Collective for killing it on this film! You guys are amazing! We could not have asked for a better way to keep our memories of this monumental day alive.

So you may not have actually been at our wedding, but watching this film will definitely make you feel like you were. Hope you guys enjoy it! 


Bride & Groom’s Wedding Highlights

Why I Loved Being My Own Wedding Planner

Choosing My Wedding Dress

My Bridesmaids

Our Florals

The Dream Team

Dressing The Space

D O N ’ T   F O R G E T   T O  
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