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Friday Five

1. Mood. Obnoxious…? Maybe, but I’m totally  feeling both of these looks right now!  2. It’s almost the weekend, and I am definitely  wanting to make these pumpkin pancakes again! 3. This was my favorite pin this week. Such a  quintessential autumn dinner party.  *heart eyes*  4. Major DIY nail goals by Lauren Conrad. 5. I rediscovered this beautiful …


Ride or Die

Hi Everyone! One of my favorite YouTubers, Jaclyn Hill, made a Ride or Die tag, or challenge, that has been going around recently and I thought I would do a blog version. (Watch her original here.) Ok, so in this challenge, I will be listing my very favorite…ride or die…makeup products in all of the categories she …


Current Infatuations

The make up drama of the 1920’s. ‘Tis the season of baking. Lace and leather. Is it bad I already want…? Not one but two dreamy homes.    The blush and burgundy combo. Obsessed with these  candles. These are perfect for fall. Subtle, yet still glam, fall makeup look. If you’re feeling crafty… This made me laugh. Rose gold French manicures! Preparing to …