Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Hi, friends! It’s that time of year again. Yes, Father’s Day. But, what do you get your dad?
If you are like me, this is the time of year when you really have no idea on what to get for your pops. I mean for his birthday, I run by any department store and grab a casual polo shirt. For Christmas, I head over to any outdoor store and pick-up a good old-fashioned gift card, so he can buy that shotgun or fishing gadget he has wanted.
But, Father’s Day is a whole other animal. I think this is the perfect time to get your dad a gift that he would love, but maybe not necessarily buy for himself.
In this post, I want to show you some great gifts for all different types of dads and with all different price ranges.
Whiskey Stones  – Restoration Hardware $25
For the dad who loves to come home from a day at work or a day on the course and just wants to lounge by the fire or enjoy a beautiful night in the back yard with a jack and coke without getting it watered down from ice, then this is a great gift for him. Why buy expensive stuff just to have it watered down? Here’s the solution.
Leather iPhone 5 Case (also available in iPhone 4 and option to monogram) – Restoration Hardware $29
To be honest, who ever really thinks about buying iPhone cases. If you are similar to me, then you get a new one ever two years with your upgrade. However, with a great leather case it can be that touch of sophistication that your businessman dad might be missing. They come in a few different colors, and with the option to get them monogrammed or have his name printed on it, it could be the perfect touch for your dad this Father’s Day.
 9″ Club Short in Lightweight Chino (also available in 7” and 11”) $69.5
For clothing items, it is sometimes hard because everyone has their own taste in clothes. I recommend a classic khaki or a navy, because those pretty much go with every thing. The good news is that these are perfect for a day on the links, grilling burgers and brats for July Fourth or for a lazy Saturday when dad once again puts off cleaning the garage. These are also available longer or shorter depending on how your dad likes to wear them. If your dad isn’t a shorts guy, they also have pants in the same material.
Post Practice Polo – Lululemon $78
I know, I know. I poked fun of my habit of always wanting to get the polo, but for all the ladies out there that know Lululemon, they will totally understand how awesome it is. This polo is comfortable, stylish and can be worn in many different ways. It could be worn to work, enjoying the outdoors and really anything where you want to wear something that looks great. Not to mention it would look pretty sweet with those J. Crew shorts. 
It’s that time when every one is starting to take their summer vacations, and these flip-flops are the best choice when it comes to footwear. If you are lounging on the beach, chilling on you boat at the lake, taking a walk to enjoy the fresh mountain air, or somewhere in between then these are perfect. 
I don’t think anyone ever considers buying their dad a water bottle for Father’s Day, but this one is completely awesome. I have had one for the last nine months and it has been the best purchase of my year. For the outdoorsy dad, this gift couldn’t be any better. Whether you are sipping on some iced sweet tea or using it to carry your water when you go hiking or camping, then this will be a great gift for your dad. 
First of all, I live in these shirts. Seriously, I work at J. Crew, so I always wear them. These shirts are for all types of dad, they can be worn outdoors or if ironed they look great with a blazer. They fit great and they come in all different styles, so there is bound to be a shirt just for him. Buy one!
Tie Bar in Slim Fit – ASOS $11.43
Oh, the tie bar. It’s something so simple, but for your businessman dad it can make all of the difference. Nothing classes up a shirt and tie faster than a tie bar. For me, whenever I wear a tie, I always wear a tie bar. Also, every man hates it when he is dining at a hip place and his tie is all in his food. You can either opt out for the bow tie or save some money or invest in a tie bar. The choice is yours, but I think the tie bar is cool!
If your dad is a healthy and fit dad like mine, then there is no doubt that he would love this gift for Father’s Day. Dri-Fit shirts are great to work out in and also great for just wearing around town. These are my favorite to wear around in the summer because they keep you cool and they look pretty good with some khaki shorts.
I got this from Lauren for Christmas and it was by far my favorite gift. After receiving this, I will never go back to using shaving cream in a can. This lathers up great and allows for a close shave. Not to mention it comes in a cool tub. All in all, this stuff is awesome and you all should check it out for yourself or the man in your life. 
This is for the tech dad. It’s something simple that he can carry to work, dinner or vacation and use it to keep all of his gadgets charged and ready to go. These have always been lifesavers for me on long car rides or when you don’t want huddle around that charging station at the airport and risk leaving your items unattended. 
Navy Silk Pin Dot Tie – Hitsman $85
What is a list of Father’s Day gifts without a tie? I mean we all saw this coming. It felt like a sin to leave it off. But seriously, these are my favorite ties. I wear them with a suit to go to work, but they can be worn with a casual shirt too. My brother’s friend makes these and they are just awesome. He also makes wallets and tie accessories as well as bow ties, so it is worth checking out.
I hope you all enjoyed my Father’s Day gift list. This is the time of year when we get to celebrate our fathers and let them know how much we appreciate them for all they do. This is the day when we get to stop asking them for things and give back to them a small portion of what they give to us. And lastly, This is the time when we get to step back and buy pops that something he has had his eye on all spring!  Happy Father’s Day! We love you and appreciate all of the men in our lives who are fathers and father figures that have made us the people we are today! It’s your day, dad, so leave the garage cleaning to me this time! Happy Father’s Day!

(Written by Jared Deimund)

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