Friday Five – You Choose My Easter Dress

Hello Everyone!
I have been so excited to pick out my Easter dress this year, but I am overwhelmed by the number of beautiful choices at ASOS alone! So, during my struggle to make a decision, I had an idea for today’s Friday Five…
I have found five dresses that I really love, but I need your help.
In five days, I am going to place my order for my Easter dress, but until then, I need your votes! Please leave a comment below, on my Instagram, or on my Facebook page to cast your vote for which dress I should purchase.Ruffles? Cutouts? Florals? Pastels?

What do you think?

Vote now! xx

1. Pink Ruffles
2. Palm Print
3. Asymmetric Blue Floral
4. Yellow Midi
5. Pastel Stripes

(8) Comments

  1. Asymmetric Blue Floral gets my vote!

    1. Thanks so much for your vote!

    1. Love it! Thanks for the vote!

  2. Yellow midi please!

  3. Number 3 – the asymmetric blue floral, it's absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I am obsessed with the Palm Print!

  5. […] this dress? It was one of the choices for my Easter dress! You guys didn’t choose this one, but I secretly fell in love with it so I had to buy it! […]

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